Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday: Ten Things I Love Day

I feel kinda silly listing my ten things I love for "Thursday: Ten Things I Love Day" today because I just did it the other day when I won that Happy 101 shiz. I'll try to post a real blog later... 

Anyway, here goes...

1.The way the rug looks after it has been vacuumed. I know it sounds OCD and sick -- but it looks brand new each time. I had a friend in grammar school who was never allowed to walk into her living room. The rug was always vacuumed a particular way so that her mom would see foot step indentations. I always thought of it like a museum.

2. This doesn't really count now that I'm not working, but when I wake up in the middle of the night and the clock says it's like 3 AM and I know I have several hours of sleep left.

3. Getting flowers. Who doesn't? I rarely get them, but when I do, it actually makes me cry real tears of joy. I'm weird like that. I get super emotional. Like at my bridal shower when I opened our Dyson, I cried. When I opened our KitchenAid stand mixer, I cried. When I found out my mom secretly ordered me a red velvet cake, I cried. That was a very tearful shower.

 At my bridal shower, crying like a fool over my Pistachio KitchenAid stand mixer

4. When I hear a weird noise and Hubs confirms it. OK, I know you're like, "Huh?" But I tend to be a bit paranoid and over sensitive to bumps and thumps. Many late nights, I'll be like, "What the hell was that?" and he'll say, "What? You're crazy. I didn't hear anything." But once in a blue moon he'll hear it too! Thus confirming that I'm not hearing things.

5. Cutting the grocery line. I love when I only have one or two items and someone cordially allows me to go on ahead of them. I always do this for people unless I'm in some mad rush.

6. When my mom calls. My mother-in-law calls us way too much, but I wish my mom would call me every day the way she does.

7. Bacon, egg and cheese on a roll. I just started Medifast on Tuesday and I'm dying. I mean, I'm doing well with it, shockingly. I just miss my crappy food. I could live on bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches. Honestly, if I had to chose one food item to live on, that would be it. It's going to be a very long time before I see another one if I continue Medifast.

8. The way I feel after I donate money. Even though I'm basically broke, I still try to donate where I can. I did the text for Haiti thing then I donated $25 for this Love Harder cause. It's a blogger that just found out her boyfriend has something called Multiple Myeloma. I donated here: and so can you!

9. Cool hotels. Last winter, Hubs attended this Beer Advocate beer festival. It was held in Boston and I sorta tagged along. Unlike him, I'm totally NOT into beer. He's a home-brewer and connoisseur of micobrews. He even won an award last summer and his beer is going to be on tap at a New Jersey brewpub soon. More on that another day. Anyway, I figured I could go up to Boston and do some shopping and site seeing. I hadn't been there in nearly 20 years! We stayed at this hotel, The Colonnade. It was amazing. Every little detail was perfect. I didn't want to leave. I wished I could just live in that room. It was decorated exactly in my favorite colors and was totally my taste in design. I loved how our room even had a Keuirg machine with K-cups for coffee and they escorted Hubs in a little Smart Car to his festival so he didn't have to walk in the cold!

10.  Comments and followers! I'm not gonna lie. I love when you guys leave me feedback and when I see I have a new follower. I only have 95 today, but the day I break 100, I'll feel amazing. I really will.


Ian said...

Very nice post. I agree about the followers, it really motivates me as it does you I'm sure. Two weeks ago I had 25, now I have 50. Not sure how in the heck that happened but I'm happy about it.

Enjoy this post, enjoy your blog.

Any word on the job yet? :)

Ally said...

They said it would take maybe THREE weeks to hear back. I totally didn't get it, dude. Seriously. If they loved me they would have had me stay all day helping them. If they had loved me, they would have sent me off to see the HR girl before I left. Trust me. I also got the feeling that maybe they "try out" a lot of people. Totally bummed but trying to think of that "everything happens for a reason" crap.

Ian said...

Well, they also have to take the time to try out others and check your references and what not.

Have faith :)

Kitty Moore said...

Hey Ally

I love that waking up and realisng I have a few more hours sleep left!

You'll hit that 100 mark with followers in no time!

Kitty x

TS Hendrik said...

Great list. Regarding number 5, I've actually had a cutting experience that wasn't right.

I had a single item and I was behind this 90 year old women with a full cart and she told me to go ahead of her. On one hand I wanted to get out quickly, but on the other it just felt wrong to cut in front of an old lady. In the end I just told her I was fine and waited the extra ten minutes.

Grgg said...

Actually, I might be the only person in the world that doesn't like getting flowers.
My cat shreds them. Then I have to vacuum. Bummer.

Anonymous said...

#8 really hits home for me and my hubs. I love donating time, goods, money whenever I can . It is good for my soul.

What a fun list. And no, #1 not sick- I soooooo know what you mean about vacuuming a rug and it looking all beautiful again! Like a little miracle!
What a fun post Ally!!!!

I am keeping my fingers crossed about a great job for you

Anonymous said...

I never was a crier until I had my 2nd child. Wow! Apparently I have a lot of pent-up tears!

I like vacuum marks too, it is the mark of "clean" and then they are gone in an hour :-(

I am following you - reaching 100 is super exciting!!!!!!

Unknown said...

i cried when i got my kitchen aid mixer at my shower. i put that on the registry thinking no one would ever get that, but john's mom did. pretty awesome!

California Keys said...

I love waking up and realizing I have a few more hours to sleep.... My favorite is when I wake up at 6, and then I remember that it's Saturday.... No work at all....

Amber said...

Looks like you made 100. Congrats!

Kate said...

Great list. I'm with you on the comments and followers thing, oh and the waking up at 3am and knowing I can turn over and go back to sleep for another 4 and a half blissful hours!

At the moment I'm also loving 'Glee' (it's just started over here in the UK) and tomato soup with crusty white bread. YUM!

Kate x

Melissa said...

I'm following you now and you are currently at 97!

I will be pumped when I reach 100... right now I'm at like 88 (I think). And I am completely with you about liking blog comments and followers (although I really only want people to follow me who actually enjoy reading my blog... I don't follow people just to "follow them." I only follow them if I actually read their blog and enjoy it).

Oh, and that hotel looked super cool!

AND... I also like waking up and realizing I still have a few hours left (on the other hand, it's upsetting when I wake up and glance at the alarm clock only to discover that I have to be up in 15 minutes).

Melissa said...

Check you out! You hit 100 Followers!!!


Ally said...

Thanks everyone for all of your input, feedback, follows and basically just being rockin' bloggers!

nikki said...

I think I cried the first time I used our Dyson. It's like we could finally win the war on dog fur.

Pandorah's Box said...

I love hotels! LOVE them! It's a bit strange but man, I could live in one forever.

I also love commenters! It feels good to get them doesn't it?

Cheryl said...

I absolutely LOVE my place when it's just been vacumed too. Best feeling in the world. And if it's a little ocd, who cares lol xo

Kelly said...

Great post, especially the freshly vacuumed carpet. I hate cleaning but love the feeling of a clean carpet, mostly cuz I walk barefoot through the house. Anyway, congratulations on the followers!


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