Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Diary Entries, Winter of 1986

Depressed and stumped on what to write today, I'm just gonna cheat and revisit past diaries from 1986 - starting with today's date 24 years ago. I was in 8th grade.

Eighth grade graduation, June 1986

Monday, January 20, 1986

You know if we won the lottery how happy everyone would be? I wish we could. [We obviously never did. I may have written this because a family from our church with two kids in our school won twice! What's more --  the father was a physician, as if they really needed to win twice?!]

We didn't have any school today. I hate school so much. I hate my whole life. I lost my best friend, Dan. [Apparently every entry says this, yet Danny and I were close until 1994 so this probably was just a spat]  

I can't stand my Mom, Dad and brother. I wish I could do something to make everyone love me. I wish me and Danny could patch things up.

I bought fake nails yesterday they cost $3.49! I also got nail polish in a stick. [That shit didn't work, it was nail polish in a pen like applicator, they still make them and they still suck!]

I think the only major problem with my life is that one minute I'm having the best time and then the next I hate everyone. My dad hates me. I'm the worst thing that ever happened to my parents. [This obviously is not true, typical teen angst.] I wish I could disappear into thin air that way everyone's life would be perfect not like mine.

I wish life was like a TV show. I wish life was like Family Ties or Growing Pains or something. 


Monday, January 27, 1986

Today Sister told us what parts we had in the play [12 Angry Men]. I'm Juror 12 which sucks, I wanted 7 but Danny got it. [It always pained me that I got the smallest role or a bystander role in our school performances and class plays. I was the only kid in school who wanted to be an actress. I was the only kid who spent summers at acting camp and the teachers knew this. It was just the typical Catholic school slap in the face of who you knew and who your family was. If you were one of 10 kids and every one of them had gone through the school, you were treated much differently. Think about it, it comes down to money. 10 kids=10 tuitions.]

I've been lifting Dad's weights about every day for 15 minutes. I'd like to build some muscles in my arms. [Totally do not remember this, and did I honestly think 15 minutes was going to cut it?]

It's snowing hard. Oh I hope we don't have school tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 28, 1986 

The space shuttle exploded today killing 7 crew members. One was a school teacher. It was so sad. [ I blogged about this event.]

I told Danny about him not being fun anymore.

We had school today. There's about 1/2 a foot of snow, maybe 3 inches [geez, big diff!]


Anonymous said...

Wow, your diary entries sound so familiar. The angst and drama of being a kid! I remeber sitting in class watching the Challenger lift off and then being so confused. Sad

Kate said...

I love re-reading the diaries I kept when I was younger. This post really brought a smile to my face, so thanks! I might have to dig mine out when I next visit my parents.

Kate x

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

oh, gosh. this sounds painfully like my diary. don't make me go there. i'll crawl in the box and never come out. it reminds me of an entry from 3rd grade. "My sister hates me and will hate me til the day I die."

Unknown said...

I remember the day the space shuttle blew up. I stayed home from school "sick" hahaha, not really. prolly just didn't do my h.w. A sicko pranked my house. I lived in miami at the time and remember seeing it way off in the distance. sooo sad.

Ian said...

Very nice! I kept a diary of sorts in the date books I would use for writing down homework. If I typed up what some of the stuff said, none of you would want any part of me lol.

kimber said...

Did you get the idea from Dear Diary? The LI clubs she mentions are the Shoppe and there's another one which i am forgetting right now. Anyway, awesome as usual.

Elle Mosqueda said...

Oh wow. I really enjoyed reading your entries! It sucks when people who already have money win the lottery.

Aion said...

I never kept a diary but I really enjoyed you sharing yours and I remember when my daughter FINALLY "unlocked" her's and shared it with me after 15 years (she started it when she was 4) it was kinda similar to yours and really funny at times and full of "young girl" emotions! Good stuff :)


Ally said...

Kimber- I totally didn't - I've been posting old diaries since my Myspace diary. Ha ha! I hadn't heard of the book until you just told me. I actually got the idea from a few years ago. There were readings at clubs in cities and stuff. It was cool!

California Keys said...

You sure do know how to take a simple idea and make interesting and funny! Great job once again! Another great read!

Dani said...

Stumbled upon this on craigslist. We have very similar interests...pippi longstocking:)

keep writing. Thanks for the afternoon break from work...and check out my lame blog.

I love meeting my former self through old diary entrees!

Pandorah's Box said...

Awww....makes me wish I had kept my diaries! I only started keeping them from university. I would love to remember what I was like when I was a kid.

P.S- I loved Sean Astin too!

~ Noelle said...

wow, this totally makes me want to find my old diaries!!!!

Unknown said...

Reading my diaries, I thought I mustve been the most depressed child/adolescent ever. But nope. Apparently its common to be so angsty. Also you and I have a lot in common. Former chubby wannabe actresses without from not so wealthy families who wanted to be an actress... I have to ask. Are you a Leo?


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