Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No Mario Lopez Letter For You Today

This week has gotten off to a pretty crappy start. Because of the following situation, I cannot share my personal letter from a thirteen-year-old Mario Lopez with you today. It will just have to wait.

Yeah, so this week has sucked and it's only Tuesday. It's funny because back in day (four months ago) when I was employed, I'd read ranting Facebook status messages from SAHMs (cool lingo AKA "Stay At Home Mom") and wives who simply don't have to work. These status updates said things like, "Can't wait until this horrible day is over!" or "Friday can't come soon enough!" 

Sitting at my desk with deadlines looming, a meeting approaching and a power-trippin' supervisor ringing my phone every fuggin second, I'd think to myself, is this chick kidding? I wouldn't mind being home all day - how bad could your day truly be?

I take it back. I'm sorry I doubted you people!

I feel guilty bitching, but the little things become so important when you're home and haven't much to do other than clean, blog, run errands, workout and shop. Our computer (RIP) blew up on Friday while I was sending resumes - is that a sign or what? I'm doomed. 

I smelled burning wires and the thought of calling the fire department did indeed cross my mind, but I stayed strong. Instead I called Hubs. (Disclaimer: Please call the fire department if you smell smoke!) Apparently burning wires translates to "a hardware problem" which in a way was awesome news. Hubs is an IT guy, so a hardware problem meant that in no way was I at fault for possibly downloading a virus transmitted from clicking on an unfamiliar Facebook profile.

Limited to an old craptop (woes me) all weekend was painful. Now we're back up and running, but he hasn't had a chance to install and update various software like PhotoShop, the printer/scanner and other shiz. In other words, I can't bring you today's original blog, which included a letter I received from Dancing with the Stars' Mario Lopez back while he was the drummer on my favorite '80s show, Kids Incorporated. Yes, I know Fergie was also a beloved cast member and no, I'm not a fan. I don't even give a rat's ass about Mario these days, so whatever.

In addition to computer problems, I have very little energy because I mysteriously caught a severe STAPH infection and am on heavy duty antibiotics. The meds are killing me. The doctor called this morning to check on me and reported that tests came back as MRSA (like a really bad infection). I didn't know it was such a big deal. I read up on it and apparently if I don't take kick-ass care of myself and make antibacterial soap my best friend (which I already use!) I could end up hospitalized taking antibiotics through an IV.  I can't believe what I thought was like a bad pimple on my shoulder turned into this.

I need to seriously scrounge up some motivation because our Christmas tree (undecorated at least) is still chillaxin in the living room when it should be boxed and stored by now. I need to vacuum, mop and clean the bathroom yet all I really want to do is lay in bed. 

So yeah, today is only Tuesday and I'm bitching like a baby about stupid stuff and feel incredibly guilty for feeling this way while all of you people are working your asses off for THE MAN.

Last minute edit after posting! OMG! I won an award from this awesome fellow blogger, Ian at The Daily Dose of Reality! Check me out, he talks about how cool I am :-)


Unknown said...

That picture made me crack up..

Ian said...

Sorry to hear that you are without work. Good luck and I hope you find something soon.

Regarding the award. True story! Hopefully I get drive some more readers your way.

Tina said...

Hope you feel better soon. Tina, working for THE MAN

Elle Mosqueda said...

Sorry about the staph infection. Hope you feel better. Congrats on the award. And wow, I didn't know that Mario played the drums for Kids Incorporated. He came a long way.

RainyDaySaver said...

Take care of yourself, lady. The blog and your readers will be here, waiting =)

TS Hendrik said...

oohhh MRSA... you have to be extremely careful. I've had it, and the doctor put me on antibiotics that seemed to be working at first but then became resistant to it. I ended up having to do some serious research and attack it through natural medicine.

Congratulations on the award. And I hope all the other computer issues get resolved soon.

conno59 said...

I hear you loud and clear. I've been on antibiotics three time in the last month and I've read everything I can from the bathroom. Thank God for hubbies new Itouch....can read from the thrown.

Thanks for reading my blog. I THINK I've signed on as a follower but I'm technologically challenged so I can't say for sure. You can check and let me know if I'm not.

Take good care of yourself!!
Ciao for now,

rachaelgking said...

Okay, I have to admit, I was skeptical until the STAPH infection.

You win.

Or lose, really.

I'm sorry!

California Keys said...

Kids Incorporated - K! I! D! S!

I am an '80's and 90's addict!!!! I can't wait to see the letter from A.C. Slater....

Sorry you don't feel well!

Unknown said...

ally, staying at home sucks when you're looking for a job, let alone ill. you have a right to bitch as much as working folk do. vent away...it makes me feel better! and congrats on the award. that's awesome!!

Ally said...

Thanks for all of your well wishes. I promise as soon as Hubs hooks up the scanner I'll post my AC Slater/Mario Lopez love letter.

Anonymous said...

Ouch on all fronts! When it rains it pours; sometimes it feels like you should always be wearing a hat; it's a dog eat dog world and I'm wearing milk bone underwear....I won't go on, just thought I'd interject a little humor which happens to be my go to coping mechanism when the sh*&#! hits the fan.
Do be careful and go ahead and give yourself permission to rest and heal, staph is a baddy.
Oh and congratulations on the award! See there's always a bright spot.


Kelly said...

I just wanted to tell you I share your love for Judy Blume books...Pistachio Prescription was my personal fave. Thank for the blog posts---I totally know how you feel as I'm an underemployed blogger and wonder what the hell I'm doing. Good luck and thanks for writing...I love reading it! www.kellyseal.com

Betty said...

You better make sure to take all that antibotic!

Don't worry, my whole den is still decorated for Christmas...tree, mantle, etc. I'm in no hurry to get it down.


Rebekah said...

GIRL!! MRSA?! That sucks BIG! Take care of yourself; do every little thing they tell you to do. DO NOT visit anyone ANYONE in the hospital.

I'll be back 'cause I seriously wanna read the letter from Mr. Dimples himself.

Oh, and by-the-way, welcome to the world of stay-at-home-whathaveyous. Talking to little people and cleaning up all their messes and just the general grind of being here in the same house day after day gets to be so,... UGH... I live for weekends. ; )


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