Saturday, August 18, 2012

Stop, Drop, And Roll | Vintage Fire Safety

As a kid, we were taught to "Stop, Drop And Roll" in the event of a fire. Get down, watch out for hot door knobs and run to a neighbors to call 911. These were our very first lessons safety. It was drilled into our heads, rightfully so, of course. Does anyone remember this vintage fire safety video? 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Olympic Summer Games for the Apple II

Summer Games for Apple II
Like most kids in the 1980s, I loved video games. I started out with Atari, then moved on to computer games as I got a bit older. I remember some of my very early games came on big old black floppy disks. My dad, a teacher, would bring copies home his school. I would play the games every afternoon for hours and hours.

I found some of my old favorite Apple II games on YouTube. It's so crazy, the music and sound effects bring me right back to our basement computer area where I could hide and play games for hours while my mother thought I was studying on our computer. We obviously didn't have the Internet back then. Around 1985, I was completely addicted to the Summer Games - I especially loved the gymnastics, diving and pole vaulting. Watch a demo of the game here:

My other favorite game for the Apple II was Lemonade Stand. Lemonade Stand was basically a game that utilized simple math skills and strategy to earn money while advertising and dealing with the ups and downs of the market - in this case, rainy weather. 

Lemonade Stand for Apple II
Watch the demo of Lemonade Stand for Apple II. I swear, the sounds will bring you right back.


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