Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bain de Soleil, for the St.Tropez Tan

Growing up in the 1970s and '80s, I remember these commercials and the distinct scent of Bain de Soleil. The other day I searched for the famous, island scented orange gelle and was surprised to learn the product is still available. However, now that we're Florida residents an SPF of 4 and 6 won't cut it. The dark tanning product maxes out at SPF 10. Does anyone remember the Bain de Soleil commercials?

Watch and relive the magic of the Bain de Soleil jingle I so loved singing every time my folks took us to the beach.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Shrinky Dinks | 1970s & 1980s Arts & Crafts

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You weren't a true '80s kid if you didn't play with Shrinky Dinks. These cool arts and crafts kits came with colored pencils and thin flexible sheets of plastic cut-out style figures. Once cut, the figures could be filled in or designed with colored pencils and then baked. 

I remember how thrilling it was when Mom would flip on the oven light allowing us to witness the shrinking action. We'd watched the plastic melt before our eyes and take on a smaller, thicker shape. Like magic, the color would remain intact. I loved the feel of the texture of the Shrinky Dink once it was cooled.

I especially enjoyed making Shrinky Dinks Christmas tree ornaments and charms -- but it was important to make sure the whole was punctured BEFORE baking, otherwise you were screwed. It was impossible to break through the hardened plastic once baked.

Check out this vintage "Glow in the Dark" Shrinky Dinks commercial.

Five Fun Facts About Shrinky Dinks

  1. Shrinky Dinks were invented in 1973 by Wisconsin moms, Betty Morris and Kathryn Bloomberg.
  2. The very first Shrinky Dinks were sold at a shopping mall in Wisconsin.
  3. Cashing in on the popular characters of the 1980s, kids could purchase Smurf Shrinky Dinks, Scooby Doo Shrinky Dinks, Mr. T Shrinky Dinks, Pee Wee Herman Shrinky Dinks, you name it! 
  4. In the early '90s, Mark McGrath's band was originally called Shrinky Dinx, but changed the band's name to Sugar Ray avoiding a lawsuit from Hasbro.
  5. Shrinky Dinks are still available and marketed by the original inventors. Click here to purchase or view today's Shrinky Dinks.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

1980s Plastic Charms | Necklaces & Bracelets

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As a preteen in the mid 1980s I was all about trendy accessories. From Banana Clips, to Mood Rings to Parachute Pants and more, I had to have it. One accessory I couldn't resist, were colorful charms. These cute plastic charms or trinkets included sweet irresistible items such as tennis rackets, hot dogs, cupcakes, rainbows, ice cream cones, lipsticks, toothbrushes, smiley faces and even Care Bears -- you name it!

I collected dozens and dozens of these sweet plastic charms. They were a 1980s fashion must for teen girls! Most charms had small silver bell attached to them so everyone knew you were near by draped in your adorable charms. Typically these charms would dangle from colorful plastic chains which allowed the charms to easily hook on.

We'd get creative and wear the charms on our sneakers, attach them to our spiral notebooks, book bags, bike baskets and more. I still have my charms in a trunk at my mom's. I should really sport those suckers, but I guess as a woman approaching 40, I'd look a bit off, no?

Original, vintage 1980s Charms can be found on eBay and Etsy.


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