Saturday, January 16, 2010

High School -- Unlike You, I Don't Miss Those Days...

Trying to think of something clever, I turned to today's date in my 11th grade journal. Man, I hated high school so much. I hated every single day from 9th-12th. So many people reflect on those as the  best days of their lives. Ef that. Each day was pure torture.

It's funny because reading this entry sorta reminds me of how I now feel about work sometimes.

Monday, January 16, 1989
"I detest these nights before school after a relaxing three-day weekend. I just hate having to get back into the swing of things!

My homework was hardly good enough to be called "done." I didn't even call Scott.

I don't want to go to school. I wish so badly that I could skip college. I just don't want to go! [I ended up loving college.] If it were up to me I wouldn't go!

It's so late. I hate the thought of 7:00 AM. I dread opening my eyes. Just having to open my closet, turn on the radio and get ready for a long day of school complete with facing gym (more about that here) and facing assholes like that bitch Amy [no idea who this is] ... the other day we had to work "in twos" in American History and she refused to work with me. I wish she were dead. I hate her. I don't want to go tomorrow. Plus I hope it snows on Wednesday or Thursday night. If it does, then I hope it snows enough to close school - otherwise who needs it?!

If it snows, then I'll probably have to spend the day babysitting at Lenore's which sucks. I won't get anything done and can't sleep late.

Things I live for: sleep, phone, writing, TV, music, vacation, movies, reading, clothes 

I hate school, I can't take the pressure."

Ugh, reading that journal entry really bummed me out. Just a reminder I guess. It sucks how youth is wasted on feeling bad. I wish I could have been a different person back then. Why didn't I say something? I should have punched that Amy bitch out or said, "Guess what dumb ass, I don't want to work with your dumb ass either!" Instead I kept quiet and just wrote it down hours later.


Blast from the Past said...

Hey, Ally -

Sorry to hear High School was such a bummer for you. I was a slight of build, non-athletic, shy kid. I was certainly a wallflower for at least 10th grade (I went to a 3-year), but I was involved in Band, and that forced me to fit in socially as time went on. There was also a group of us that loved Monty Python, and I was in a drafting classes on my way to being an architect.

I guess that I can totally relate to hating some aspects of school - but it did turn out ok overall for me. I'm glad that you ended up loving College!

Anonymous said...

i am in high school now. it hasn't gotten any better than what it once was. i don't like it one bit.


ann foxlee said...

Yah, those people for whom high school was the highlight of their lives? I will never understand that.
Every day from the beginning of 5th grade to the middle of 12th completely blew. I actually made a couple of nerd friends the second half of my senior year, so it didn't blow quite as hard, but we had a much better time when we went off to college.
Crying? Pretty much a daily ccurrence for me at that time. Ugh.
But now I'm a cool kid, right? ...right?

Kate said...

Ally I feel your pain.

I hated high school too. I wasn't in with the cool crowd as I was classed as a 'swot' (meaning that I had a couple of brain cells to rub together), I had a big gap in my teeth after having an extra tooth removed (meaning I had to wear braces and headgear), and to top it all off my hair was a big frizzy mess. I'm so glad things have changed as I've grown older!

Kate x

Anonymous said...

Being a girl is hard enough, adding the pressures of high school is even harder. I sooooooo remember! We survived and I always think of Drew Barrymore "I'm not Josie Grossy anymore"...
College is where all the good stuff happens anyway

nikki said...

Hated high school. Always wanted to punch people who told me it was the best time of my life, and still want to punch people who say that to kids today.

Adulthood, even with all the shite responsibility is so much better.

Betty said...

I hated school from third grade on. I did poorly and I'm sure today they would say I had a learning disability, but back then you were just lazy or not applying yourself. I've never been able to do math...was tutored for years and although I can read beautifully I don't comprehend much. I still read the same sentence over and over. I was always in another world. And don't get me going on PE. I could write a book. It's funny you should bring this subject up. I was thinking about writing about school too. A friend and I have been exchanging E-mails about some of the lousy teachers we had and it made me remember a good sixth grade teacher. I was going to write about him. That's the one year that sticks out in my mind because in his class I always felt good about myself. I always knew he thought I was smart. No other teacher ever made me feel that way.

Santa said...

I hated it too, and judging by the comments it seems everyone did. In a way I wish I could go back there now, knowing what I do now. I'd do it all so differently - I'd work for a start instead of trying to be cool; I would make completely different friends; I'd be smug in the knowledge that all the things that seemed so important and seemed to matter so much actually all meant nothing. High school is wasted on highschoolers.

Pandorah's Box said...

I hated it too! I dropped out twice, that's how much I hated it. Well, I should be fair here, I was kicked out once and dropped out once. Yeesh. Thank god those days are behind us right?

You sound like such typical teenager in your "all I want to do" section. I loved it! Those were all the things I wanted to do as well!

RainyDaySaver said...

I must be one of those weirdos who enjoyed high school. And no, I wasn't popular -- nerd and a band geek, lol. For me, it was better than being home.

Grgg said...

HATED high school - I only survived by being a daydreamer, about all the things that I could do when that hell was over.

But I was a band geek. I've since found out that I was supposed to hate high school, band geeks being so low on the food chain. I just wish someone had told me back then.

I'm So Pretty said...

High school sucked. The only positive feelings I have from that time are the evenings and weekends with my family. But the school part? Not so much. Way too much pressure.

I also hated the first college I went to, but finally ended up transferring and loving the place I graduated from - those were the best years :)

A few years back, I got out my journals from HS and read through some of them. Apparently, I had absolutely no life and did nothing but homework - LOL!


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