Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Christmas Wish List That Never Was

There were three items lots of kids in school had that I never had. Although I really wanted them, the weird thing is, I never asked for them!

Today I bitched on Facebook that my Christmas list is always so shitty and lame, consisting of crap I basically need. I think it has been that way for a very long time. The other day, I told you guys I had a thing for pen pals growing up. Well, get this, I recall stamps being on my list! For real. What kid asks for stamps?

So what are these "three things" you wonder? Now, don't all rush out to find me these treasures, trust me, we haven't an inch of space in our apartment. And although I admit I still love juvenile stuff, they must be useful and practical.

For example: I love Hello Kitty but only when she's gifted to me in the form of like maybe a kitchen towel, a mug (still using my Chococat mug from Aunt Sue from like six Christmases ago!) and ice cube trays (still using the ice cube tray Aunt Chris gave me back in 2005!) ... Get the idea? Like I'd go gaga over a Hello Kitty baking mitt or washcloths.

So anyway... back to the three items.

The Barbie Dream House and Barbie Townhouse... I need to get my mom on the phone and find out why the hell I was the only kid in kindergarten and first grade that did not have one of these lavish luxuries. I'm left to wonder where the hell did my Barbies live? They were totally homeless.

Did I store them in one of those pink travel cases? That's so uncool! Geez. Here are some photos of the girly real estate which I believe was from the late '70s-early '80s time frame. Funny my Barbies weren't homeowners and to this day, neither am I. It's like a sign. It's as if I'm seriously cursed on the housing tip!

Final item, which my younger readers won't remember at all... Freezy Freakies! These were the coolest! They totally mystified me the way Shrinky Dinks (those I had!) did. They were like scientifically engineered gloves adorned with cool characters such as The Groovy Ghoulies and Transformers.

The thing was, they only appeared when the temperature dropped. So you'd see the images on your gloves while freezing your ten-year-old ass off outside waiting for the bell to ring. However, when you came into school to warm up, the images magically vanished! Totally amazing! Where the hell were mine? Man, was I deprived! Just kidding Mom and Dad if you're lurking :)

Freezy Freakies, so freakin' cool! I found 'em on eBay for $10, but what good'll they do me now with my big fat grownup hands :(


RainyDaySaver said...

OMG, I always wanted Freezy Freakies gloves, too! Never got 'em, either.

Unknown said...

I remember storing my Barbies in a big, black, OLD trunk. A few years ago we went to New Year's at a friend's house and her daughter had a Barbie house that was almost as tall as I was! Makes our '70's/'80's wish list houses look like starter homes :)

Veronica M. D. said...

Yeah, I was the only deprived child I knew who didn't have a Barbie Dream House either. Guess what I had to do? I took YARN and made a layout of rooms and filled them with garage sale furniture and just imagine the walls. Sigh.

And I'm not a homeowner either! But at least I have walls.

Astro Galaxy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Actually I didn't know what a "Freezy Freakies" was till now...LOL! (as my country does not snow at all!
These Transformers Freezy Freakies are COOL! Congrats on your find!

joann said...

Your poor Barbies must have lived under your bed in a pile of rubble with your Cabbage Patch dolls!

Unknown said...

Baaaahaaa, I coveted Freazy Freakies and the Barbie Dream House too. Had the townhouse - the elevator by far was the best feature!

Jene said...

I had the gloves - my brother had those exact transformer gloves. I LOVED them.

I never had the Barbie house, either, but my BFF did. We used to play with that thing for hours. My dolls weren't even glam enough for the pink travel case - they lived in tupperware under the bed!

I always wanted an E-Z Bake Oven, but it never materialized under our tree.

Kimberly Franklin said...

LOL. The Barbie dream house...classic!

MoonDoggie said...

I had the Barbie Town House with the elevator! Mine was pink and had different pictures for the rooms than the one in your pic but it's basically the same dealio.

One of my Barbie's was the one whose hair was curly and you could straighten it with some liquid except mine never did. I found it so unattractive that she always played the maid. Says something about my psyche at the time...

pika23 said...

I had the town house, and my Super Rich loaded cousins had the dream house.

Unknown said...

I remember my sister had that Barbie dream house...the 2nd one in the post. She also acquired the first one after a neighbor had basically a brand new one out on the curb for the garbage. lol. And how could these little bastards not now about Freaky Freezies...they ruled. I had 2 or 3 pairs throughout my life. I loved them. And shrinky dinks made up many hours of fun on friday nights, with adult supervision of course! HAHA

Deron and Tina said...

Love your writing style - you brought a smile to my face this morning. I live in the south, we had no need for such gloves but they are pretty cool. So had that barbie house with the elevator - couldn't wait to buy my girl one. That elevator was the bomb!


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