Friday, December 18, 2009

Back to 1982-1983, Age 10/11

Cool photo shoot at Long Island's Hot Skates with
Drew Barrymore for her movie Whip It.
Due to a slight case of writers block today, I've decided to cheat once again. So I'm bringing you back to 1983 Ally style! Here are some boring gems for your reading pleasure. Please note, the following is word-for-word including poor spelling and grammar.

Monday, February 1, 1982
Today I and my friend made a club with Kathy P. and Patricia. We got back our SS [Social Studies] test. I got an 86.

Saterday, February 5, 1982
Today I went to Hot Skates and mite go swiming [my mom always loved to swim indoors at Echo Park Pool in West Hempstead] and I had a good time at Hot Skates.

[Hot Skates was the hottest skating rink in Western Nassau County, Long Island. Every kid in the area can attest to countless memories at Hot Skates including first kisses, first dates and first slow dance - er couples only skate. It was a safe place too. I don't remember kids threatening other kids or causing trouble. It was just a great place to spend a Friday or Saturday night. This indoor rink still exists allowing today's kids to create their own memories there. A while back, I discovered a cool photo shoot for that skating movie, Whip It featuring celebs Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page. So weird to see Drew kickin' back at the same table where I would sit, happily consuming a Coke and hot dog as the DJ set the mood with a little Air Supply, Billy Joel and Journey. It could even be the same table I blew out the candles for my 4th grade Hot Skates birthday party. In going through diaries, it appears that every week I had an adventure at Hot Skates until about 7th grade.]

Sunday, April 4, 1982
Today in soccer the coach made me be goaly and I let 3 goals in.

[I'm guessing that was the last time the coach made me a goalie. I was so God-awful in soccer. My mom insists she put me in for five seasons of soccer, otherwise known in town as "The VSSC" to keep me from getting super chubs. She says it kept me active and away from the TV. She meant well. The only thing I liked about soccer was halftime oranges and water. I freakin' HATED soccer!]

Saturday, February 19, 1983
Today I saw Silver Spoons. I love Jason Bateman. I finished my school project.

I loved Jason Bateman and Silver Spoons.
[Silver Spoons was my most favorite show in the early '80s. I wasn't a big Ricky fan, but boy I had the hots for Jason Bateman. I worshiped him in the worst way. From the moment I saw his little freckled face crying in pain. "Go get help! Fetch Pa!" he moaned to his sister Casandra while laying helpless in the woods, his little twelve-year-old foot stuck in a bear trap on Little House. I still think he's pretty hot today.
Oh young Jason Bateman...
 Oh how I loved theee  back then.
One thing I hated, was that my grammar school had these wretched, mandatory Science and Social Studies fairs. I never ever won. Ever. Why? Because my folks, teachers with lame teacher morals, refused and I mean REFUSED to create our projects for us. No working molten lava volcano for me. My crap-ass tin-foiled lined Shoe Town shoebox filled with planets made of hanging balls of clay was a big fat LOSING project compared to that volcano. Kathy's amazing historical farm house at the History Fair above and beyond. It was the coolest project anyone had ever brought in. Obviously Kathy's dad knew the importance of winning the first place ribbon. Once again, no ribbon for me. Mrs. Tobin was in charge of rating my lovely homemade sock doll. How the heck was that garbage prize-worthy compared to a farm house awesome enough for a kid to actually want to play with!]

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