Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rappin' Rodney Dangerfield - No Respect in 1983

Rappin' Rodney was a hit and
Rodney's No Respect won a Grammy!
The other day I received a Facebook message from my hysterically funny bud, Gregg  (go follow him on Twitter!) reminding me about Rappin' Rodney Dangerfield. How could I forget about Rappin' Rodney?!

In the 1980s, we enjoyed the silly, oftentimes R-Rated Rodney Dangerfield in Easy Money and of course Back to School. It's interesting to note, his No Respect album won a Grammy Award and Rappin' Rodney was one of the early MTV videos.

Five Fun Facts About Rodney Dangerfield
  1. Rodney Dangerfield's real name is Jacob Cohen.
  2. Like me, Rodney was from Long Island.
  3. The Rappin' Rodney song was released and came out in 1983.
  4. Rodney Dangerfield wrote his own lines for his role as the craptastic dad in Natural Born Killers.
  5. Rodney was best known for his famous lines, "I don't get no respect" and "I get no respect, I tell ya!'


Bossy Betty said...

I just didn't get the appeal of RD when I was younger, but I am starting to now....

Ally said...

I almost wonder if Rodney was somewhat of a New York thing. He looked like someone's Uncle Morty or something.

Kal said...

EASY MONEY is a terrific comedy with so many quotable scenes and lines. I need to watch that again and especially BACK TO SCHOOL, the funniest comedy on my 'Best Of' list. Thanks for the remind about a guy who always made me laugh.

Lazlo said...

I remember Rappin Rodney:

I played hide and seek when I was three
(No respect, no respect)
Why they couldn't even look for me
(No respect, no respect)
I was an ugly kid I never had fun
(No respect, no respect)
They put me through a dog show and I won!
(No respect, no respect)
When I was born I brought no joy
(No respect, no respect)
My old man said he wanted a boy
(No respect, no respect)
I was an ugly kid always alone
(No respect, no respect)
Halloween I had to trick or treat over the phone
(No respect, no respect)
Friends don't call
My phone don't ring
I don't get a break with anything!

Yep, another '80s comedy classic. And sadly I can relate, too!

OldSchool80s said...

I did a wonderful interview with director Alan Metter (Back to School, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, more). Mr. Metter also helped Rodney make this song & video. Please check out the interview if you never have>

Randi said...

Rodney, or Jake...used to work with my grandfather selling aluminum siding on Long Island!

Nina said...

Best ever- Sam Kinison in Back to School"SAY IT! SAY IT!"


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