Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Staci Keanan of My Two Dads | '80s TV

Staci Keanan starred on My Two Dads
Well, this week is obviously '80s TV week here at ... Today we're going back to 1987. Who could forget My Two Dads? This NBC favorite aired for three years and introduced us to Staci Keanan as Nicole Bradshaw. Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan were her Two Dads and teen hotties Chad Allen and Giovanni Ribisi were Nicole's two guy friends competing for her love. 

The show was actually a spin-off of Night Court, another popular '80s NBC show. Nicole is reunited with her Two Dads thanks to the smoker-voiced Judge Margaret W. Wilbur (Florence Stanley). The judge also happened to own the New York City building where Nicole lived with her two dads

Back in 1987 Staci Keanan was so cute, as were her two dads and adorable boyfriends. I thought she was the coolest. She lived in this awesome Manhattan loft, dressed in the nicest clothes, had perfect hair and perfect skin. Fans followed her as she later starred in Step By Step in 1991. 

Don't remember My Two Dads? Check out the intro here: 

Five Fun Facts About My Two Dad's Staci Keanan
  1. Staci Keanan spent her early years in Philadelphia PA, Staci moved to Manhattan and then to LA to pursue My Two Dads.
  2. Her real name is Anastasia Sogorsky.   
  3. Like most actors, Staci got her start in commercials - her resume includes TV ads for My Little Pony and Burger King
  4. At one point Staci changed her name to Staci Love and in 1997 switched up the spelling to "Stacey."
  5. These days Staci's doing stage and theater acting in California.

Check out what Staci Keenan looks like today. She's still lovely.


James Deagle said...

Thanks for that trip down amnesia! I had forgotten that the bearded dad was Greg Evigan. (I always thought he disappeared after B.J. and the Bear. Apparently not.)

Copyboy said...

Now I have the song in my head!!! Loved, loved, loved that show. Wow! Staci grew up indeed. Yes, i'm a pig.

LaraAnn said...

I saw her a couple years ago at a Chiller Theatre show at a table signing autographs. I only watched that show occasionally. Interesting facts - I did not know it was a spin off of Night Court which I also used to watch sometimes.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I used to lover her too and yes she is totally stunning!!! I do think she might have had her nose done though, regardless she is still beautiful!

Chelly said...

Never knew it was a spin off of Night Court (one of my 80s faves)! I remember the episode that introduced Giovanni Ribisi, he was so small and cute back then. He always had those acting chops didn't he? He just got better with age. Great post. Thx for the memories. :)


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