Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ashford & Simpson Solid As A Rock RIP Ashford

Nickolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson of
Ashford & Simpson were solid as a rock!

Today we say goodbye to Nickolas Ashford of the Motown duo Ashford & Simpson. This husband and wife team were popular in the '80s. Now, I won't lie, I wasn't a hardcore fan or anything, but I truly LOVED their hit song "SOLID."

It's amazing that this couple truly were SOLID AS A ROCK and had been an item since 1964. I remember in 1984, when this song was super popular - my crush, Alfred would insert perverted lyrics. He'd make all of us Catholic school girls cringe, no matter I still loved the song.

RIP Nickolas Ashford, my thoughts go out to Valerie Simpson.


Powdered Toast Man said...

1984 was a damn good year. My mother shot me out that year. I'm not familiar with him or that song but it is sad.


WHAT!!! that's a bummer. I remember when this song came out, I was taking the RTD bus in Los Angeles and listening to KDAY the BEST hip hop station ever.

Sylar said...

nice post :D

Martin Maenza said...

Ally, a nice tribute. I have fond memories of the this song as well as all the great work of Ashford and Simpson. Nick will be missed.


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