Thursday, August 11, 2011

CHiPs Ponch & Jon Were Cool Cops

Remember when CHiPs was the coolest show ever?

Like most kids back in the late 1970s we loved watching CHiPs on NBC NY channel 4. Those LA crime-fighting California Highway Patrol guys in their snugly-fitting tan uniforms cruising around on motorcycles were super cool. Seriously, back then what young viewer didn't need their weekly dose of Officer Jon Baker (Larry Wilcox) and Frank "Ponch" Poncherello played by Erik Estrada? These guys made cops look cool and down-to-earth. 

We loved the CHiPs TV show intro theme song! So catchy, so late '70s -- makes the perfect ring tone for retro TV fans!

My little brother was obviously more of a CHiPs fan than I was. Funny to imagine a preschooler would enjoy a show like CHiPs when today's kids are watching Nick Jr. I think what we enjoyed most about CHiPs was that the action wasn't too intense, it was kid-friendly and  funny -- each episode guaranteed a laugh.

CHiPs episodes aired for a big chunk of my childhood. I was only five years old when the show began in September, 1977 and going on 11 when the series ended in July, 1983. Back in those days, TV was so awesome. Simplistic, but awesome. 

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Lady Estrogen said...

The BEST thing was seeing his cameo in Val Wilder - with the same hair - I almost peed myself.

LL Cool Joe said...

Yeah we could do with them in London right now. said...

I always thought Ponch was the cutest. I just watched the start (close ups of him) and didn't care for the show.

Amber Von Felts said...

Have you seen the episode of 30 Rock with the blonde officer from Chips? its pretty darn funny! I barely remember seeing this show (I thin I was watching Mork & Mindy re-runs), but I know it was a favorite or many!

Martin Maenza said...

My favorite part was the freeze-frame, all smiles endings. So cheesey.

Riot Kitty said...

I saw reruns in the 80s and totally had a crush on Erik Estrada.

Pat Tillett said...

Its too bad Erik Estrada turned into such a dufus. He was cool as can be back in the day.
good one Ally!

Q said...

My co-workers and I took 20 minutes trying to figure out Ponch's partner's name last Monday. We were in the middle of a meeting, so no one wanted to break out IMDB on their smartphone. After the meeting was over, I'd forgotten about looking for the guy's character until I stumbled across your blog via Toadally Talking. Thanks!

b-chica said...

I totally had a thing for Ponch. Can't believe I was only 7 when the show ended, I must have watch reruns for years (of course, back then I always had a thing for much older guys, rarely like guys in my own age range, even in the real world). Still think Erik Estrada was hot in that uniform.


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