Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Think I Liked Menudo In 1984

Menudo with Ricky Martin back in 1985. 
I have a confession to make. I think I liked Menudo at some point in 1984 and 1985. Watching a Ricky Martin Behind The Music last night on VH1, it suddenly came back to me. Like this crazy flashback of me standing in front of my girlie white shabby chic dresser. Singing in the mirror with my Goody hairbrush.

Menudo songs and Menudo videos like "Cannonball" -- I could swear at some point the boys break into dreamy Spanish-English vocals, "como cannonball, como cannonball" -- and  who could forget, "Hold Me." 

Watching Ricky Martin's Behind The Music, gave me this sudden urge to hit up YouTube and tune into some good old fashioned Menudo tunes. It was then that I realized yes, I did indeed like these two Menudo songs. Please, don't hold this against me. This was before I fell in love with The Monkees in 1986 and then discovered new wave, punk, alternative and goth in late 1986.

My question is this, why do the women these boys are singing about, appear so much older than the group? I mean, the whole rule behind the Puerto Rican boy band was that each boy would be replaced once he turned 16. Doesn't Menudo mean small? The hot chicks in their videos looked way older than 16. Just saying. Check it out for yourself.

Menudo in their "Cannonball" video (before Ricky Martin) in 1984.

Menudo in their "Hold Me" video with Ricky Martin in 1985.


Chelly said...

"don't hold this against me".

So cute!

Did you catch the episode of Silver Spoons when Menudo guest stars?

MoonDoggie said...

Hey - you're right those women do look a lot older in comparison.

Menudo is not a band that I remember hearing any of their songs but I do know they were constantly advertised in Archie Comics - like those tshirts adverts and posters you'd get in them.

What was their biggest hit?

Riot Kitty said...

Ricky Martin was part of Menudo?

I remember watching a Dennis Miller video in 1990 or so - it had been filmed when Reagan was president. He said, "This guy would have been kicked out of Menudo 60 years ago!"

Pat Tillett said...

My kids listed to these guys, but I never could understand why...

b-chica said...

Ahhh... one of the worst 80's fashions, guys/boys/men in half shirts, satiny short-shorts and socks pulled up to the knee. *shudder*


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