Monday, August 29, 2011

Martin Short Ed Grimley "I Must Say" SNL

Martin Short as Ed Grimley on Saturday Night Live
One of my favorite Saturday Night Live characters back in the day was Martin Short as the nerdy, super spirited Pat Sajak fan known as Ed Grimley. Ed was known for his greased cowlick hairdo, orange plaid shirt and famous catch phrases like, "I must say, ya know" and "Give me a break!"

I remember lovin' Martin Short as Ed Grimley in 1985. My BFF Serena and I would impersonate him all of the time running around flailing our hands exclaiming, "I MUST SAY!" I MUST SAY!" Good times, good times.

Anyone remember the Ed Grimley skits on Saturday Night Live?


alicia said...

as all good canadians should know, ed grimley actually originated on SCTV, a classic canadian sketch comedy starring some of the most brilliant comedians of our time! che-che-check it out! <3

Offy said...

I'm a huge fan of Ed Grimley. If you haven't seen it, you have to check out the Ed Grimley skit from SCTV that guest starred John Melencamp. Great stuff. I loved the saturday morning cartoon as well. Got to see Martin Short live a few years ago and loved it. Seeing Ed Grimley (as well as Jiminy Glick) in person was awesome.

Justine’s Halloween said...

Yeah, I remember this character! I wonder where Martin Short got the idea for Ed Grimley? That was such a funny sketch. I forgot all those goofy mannerisms!

Anonymous said...

To comment on your post, I do remember those bits. very funny.

Now, completely off topic, Copyboy sent me here, said you might be good for this:

Amber Von Felts said...

I was too little to stay up late for Ed Grimley on SNL but I LOVED the cartoon when it was on. I remember it being a short run, I must say!

Unknown said...

Who played Ed Grimleys dad in Thanksgiving skit?

Unknown said...

Who played Ed Grimleys dad in Thanksgiving skit?


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