Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Remember Corey Haim

I knew something was up.

Things have been quiet on the Haim front for quite some time now. Corey Feldman hasn't really mentioned oldest and dearest friend Haim in his blog lately and rarely discusses Haim in interviews following their very public break-up on the 2007-2008 A&E reality show The Two Coreys.

Born December 21, 1971 (he was 13 months older than me) Corey Haim was 38 when TMZ reported his death today. Although I loved Corey, I truly only followed him in his earlier career. As he grew up, I moved on and began to fancy boys in bands and then there was my whole Monkees obsession of course. By the time Corey Haim filmed Lost Boys, I was no longer collecting Tiger Beat pinups on the cute Canadian.

In 1984, I loved Haim in First Born and cried when his onscreen mom's drug dealin' boyfriend beat him. Teri Garr of Mr. Mom fame portrayed his mom. I didn't care about Sarah Jessica Parker being in that film, but thought Robert Downey Jr. was cool.

I remember Corey Haim in Secret Admirer with Tommy Howell--even though his role was small. 
I remember in the spring and summer of 1985, reading all about his up-coming film Silver Bullet --a scary movie based upon a Steven King story. I remember hoping and praying it wouldn't be rated R. I remember thinking it was so weird seeing him in a wheelchair, but respecting him as an actor to pull it off so realistically. 

I remember that he got his start on a Canadian TV show, The Edison Twins, but never had the opportunity to view it because back in the early '80s we obviously didn't have YouTube or the Internet.

I remember loving that Corey was to star in Murphy's Romance because as a "littler" kid I loved watching reruns of Gidget and his mom was to be played by Sally Field.  

I remember Corey Haim talking about his mom and sister in interviews and how he landed the part of Lucas and what it was like working with Charlie Sheen. I remember hating how Corey was treated in the movie and promising myself I'd be nicer to nerdy kids.

I remember Corey Haim was often photographed with his mouth slightly open, there was something really cute about that and I would try to pose for pictures with friends making that same "lost" expression with my mouth open. I remembered he had a funny, yet adorable way of speaking - almost like he had marbles in his mouth and a slight lisp or speech impediment.

The Corey Haim I remember didn't do drugs. The Corey Haim I remember didn't get press because of bankruptcy issues or due to a bloated look resulting from drug abuse. He was young, sweet and fresh-faced. I have chosen to allow myself to miss the pre-Lost Boys Corey. Because that's honestly the Corey Haim I loved.

Fast forward to 1997 when I wrote my book, Aaron Carter, Backstreet Brother for Random House. I needed a pen name and fast. I went with the name Corey Barnes. Corey after Feldman and Haim. Barnes after a little known '80s actor, C.B. Barnes.

My thoughts and condolences go out to his mom Judy and family and to Corey Feldman--whom we all know is hurting today.

When I first fell in love with Corey:


Ian said...

Well written, submit this to somewhere, anywhere and you'll get it published fo sho

Rapunzel said...

I just saw the news on TV and weirdly I thought of you!

I loved him. I had his photos all over my wall and me and my friend spent a summer watching Licence to Drive over and over and over again!

What a waste x

The Man-Cave said...

Poor Haim. He was in some great films from my youth and to see his life end like this is very tragic.

I did a post over the summer for a Lost Boys 2 review where I mentioned how Haim was in that film for a brief minute but some of his scenes were cut due to his behavior on the set, as seen on "The Two Coreys". He definitely seemed like he was fighting his demons in his trailer and refused to come out. When he did come out, you knew he wasn't all there even though he claimed to be clean and ready for a career comeback. Very, very sad.

don't do it said...
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Samantha said...

I read this morning about it, and it makes me so sad. Great post :)

TS Hendrik said...

I hadn't seen the news till now, and was shocked. He was still pretty young. Just sad.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Gosh,I have just heard the news now, and I am totally stunned!
It is such a shame that these kids get into drugs and other things.
I totally loved "Lost Boys" and I think that this was one of the first video's that I bought!
So sad!

Jerry said...

Wow! Great post. Wow so sad. I remember Silver Bullet. I really liked that movie with him in his wheelchair. I also loved both Corey's in License to Drive.

Condolences to friends, family and fans.

My Thoughts

California Keys said...

I'm so sad about Corey Haim.... I think I might have to have a Haim-marathon this weekend....

A little Lost Boys, a little License to Drive, a little Lucas....

It was so sad to the the Corey's break up.... Feldman just wanted Haim to get clean.... I remember Feldman telling Haim that he wouldn't talk to him anymore if he decided to continue using drugs, and apparently Feldman had stuck to his guns.

Tina said...

Poor Corey, I was sad to hear the news.

Ally said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words and thoughts.

Copyboy said...

Very touching tribute Ally! Wow. I did like him in all the mentioned movies. Though I also thought he was decent in the early 90s classics – Fast Getaway1 & 2.

Ally said...

Copyboy don't get me wrong. It's not that I disliked the adult Corey, I just strayed a bit due to my personal interests at that time. I'm very sad today. Truly am.

Jerry said...

I was really hoping he could turn his life around after the Feldman told him to get off drugs if he wanted to remain talking.

It is a sad day today!

Anonymous said...

I thought of you this morning and just knew you would write.

I did not know he was Lucas. I loved that movie!!!

Why did he die - they say no drugs? Huh.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is so sad to see people cutting their lives short like Haim and Brittany Murphy who died last year. I remember really enjoying Corey Haim on the show the Two Coreys, but I wondered about him then.
I've been thrilled that Robert Downey Jr. has managed to recover enough to revive his career in a big way but you just still never know with those who started their addictions young if it is going to rear it's ugly head again, I hope not.


Unknown said...

ally, this made me cry.
what a great piece. i hope this gets seen by others than just the ones who read your blog. this is something EVERYONE needs to read.

Pandorah's Box said...

AS a die-hard Corey Ham fan, I was saddened by the news. I too loved him in his early years...he was almost like a Robert Pattinson of today in his fame and notoriety.

I am sad that he chose the path that he did, but he will always be in my heart as my childhood celebrity crush, and a great actor for his time.

Thank you for this post Ally xoxo


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