Saturday, September 10, 2011

Young Male Stars Gone Too Soon

Jonathan Brandis 
April 13, 1976 - November 12, 2003 
Cause of death: Suicide 
Sidekicks, Ladybugs, seaQuest DVS 

River Phoenix
August 23, 1970 - October 31, 1993
Cause of death: Overdose
Explorers, My Own Private Idaho, Stand By Me

Corey Haim
December 23, 1971 - March 10, 2010 
Cause of death: Accidental overdose
Silver Bullet, Lucas, The Lost Boys

Brad Renfro
July 25, 1982 - January 15, 2008 
Cause of death: Heroin overdose
The Client, Sleepers, Ghost World, The Informers

Heath Ledger
April 2, 1979 - January 22, 2008 
Cause of death: Accidental overdose of prescription drugs
10 Things I hate about You, Brokeback Mountain, The Dark Night


Ms. A said...

Such a shame. So young and with so much talent.

alicia said...

why corey? whyyyyyyy???

G. B. Miller said...

It does bite indeed.

Erica S. said...

I loved Jonathan Brandis when I was a kid.
Such a shame for all of them.

Cheeseboy said...

Wow, I remember Jonathan Brandis from movies, but I had no idea that he had committed suicide. Where have I been?

C said...

I forgot all about Jonathan Brandis committing suicide. I was a Brad Renfro fan too. Poor guys. said...

I remember when news hit of River Phoenix's death. Such a sad post but an important one.
Thanks, Ally.

b-chica said...

I was in shock when I heard about Heath. He was the first younger guy I ever had a crush on. I first fell in love with him on the short-lived show Roar. He and River are huge losses to the whole movie viewing world, probably the best male actors of their generations. Corey was one of my favorites too, the other 2 I don't remember as much.

Denise McDonough said...

All of these men to young and to beautiful sad things drugs are...
Mass hole momm sent me :) adorable blog here!


~ Noelle said...

didn't realize a few of these were gone... or either i forgot..
so sad


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