Thursday, September 15, 2011

1970s Jigsaw Puzzles in a Can

Jigsaw puzzles in a can were cool in the late 1970s.
Today I was walking around our local Publix grocery store and spotted corn chips in a can. Something about the size and style of the can, brought back a '70s flashback. Yes, I thought of Planters Cheez Balls, but I remember being very young and playing with puzzles that came in a can

There was something cool about the way the puzzle pieces came in a coffee type can. You would seal the can with a plastic lid, just like a coffee can. The can made the puzzles super portable and I could take them to Grandma's or a friend's house. 

Most of these 1970s jigsaw puzzles in a can were made by APC American Publishing Corporation.

Is anyone old enough to remember these?

APC American Publishing Corp. made puzzles in cans.


Copyboy said...

Huge 6 Million Dollar man fan!! You could do a year's worth of blog post on those toys!!!

AllenTesch said...

Never saw those, as I can recall, and I was born near the 70s. said...

I'm old enough but I don't remember. Guess I never had much patience for puzzles.

Ms. A said...

I have one around here that I never allowed myself to open. My MIL gave it to us back in the 70's, but it wasn't a superhero.


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