Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Conan O'Brien Gets His Own Comic Book

Bluewater Productions highlights my old pal, Conan O'Brien
in their latest comic book celebrity biography mag.
In the late 1990s I worked for Sterling/MacFadden Partnership. Back then, they published some of America's favorite teen entertainment magazines including Tiger Beat, Sixteen, Teen Beat, Teen Machine and more. Many of my favorite career-related stories involve my teen mag editor days. There's the day I made Britney Spears cry. The day Hanson made me cry. And one day I'll never forget - the day Conan O'Brien and his crew showed up at our offices.

In the late 1990s teen idols were huge and Conan wanted in on all the action and attention boy bands were getting. He turned to us in search of answers. We did some brainstorming with Conan and offered advice on how he too could become the next 'N Sync star, Leo DiCaprio or Backstreet Boy. You truly need to watch the video below in full. Trust me, you will be el oh elin' for sure! He ends with a hilarious photo shoot complete with an adorable fuzzy kitten. Be sure to check out my face when Conan makes a joke about Backstreet Boy's AJ one day getting busted with a hooker. Classic.

Having a soft spot for the red-headed late night star, you can imagine my excitement when I heard that the latest Bluewater Productions -- a boutique Vancouver, Washington publishing company -- comic book biography-style magazine would focus on Conan O'Brien. The FAME: Conan O'Brien comic book hits book stores and online book retailers such as Amazon.com this August for only $3.99

Bluewater Production made headlines
with their Justin Bieber bio comic book.
Bluewater Productions first caught my attention when they made headlines with their Justin Bieber comic book as I was busy researching for my own Justin Bieber bio. In fact, this September my celebrity bios on Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner hit Amazon and other online bookstores and libraries. I wish Bluewater Productions would let me do something for them - how fun would that be?! So Bluewater Productions, if you're reading this, hook a sister up! 

Visit BlueWater Productions for more info, latest titles, news and more!


Lady Estrogen said...

Is Leo still big? HAHa... THAT was funny.
I use to collect every clipping from Big Bop that had to do with either Christian Slater or Leo - circa Growing Pains. I don't think he'd even done a big movie yet... not sure :) Good times.

jenne said...

OMG that is so awesome! I am a longtime lover of Coco, and still have not been able to meet him. However, i have met his dad, who works at my hospital :)
How did Hanson make you cry??

Oilfield Trash said...

Conan used to be so cool back in the day.

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

I love this clip. He's hilarious - especially with all the jabs at DiCaprio.

You've lived such a fun, exciting life -- up close and personal with so many big names.

Cheeseboy said...

Still laughing. I have myself a permagrin going on.

Conan rules. He is the best out there right now.

Ms. A said...

Great clip, even though I'm not a Conan fan. He looked better with the shades and facial hair. On the other hand... I always thought David Gallagher is adorable!!!

kat said...

That's GREAT!

Ally said...

Thanks guys!

@Lady- I loved Leo for quite some time and when I was working at the mags, he was in Titanic. He was too young for me in the Growing Pains days, I was all about Kirk back then. Ha ha!

@Jenne - long story about Hanson. Basically they were a difficult interview - not wanting to answer certain questions and their publicist refused to allow us any in-house photos. They became very difficult to work with and felt they were real musicians. Some kid bands refuse to do teen press, but the truth is their fans are reading the teen mags! Some kids are really too young for Seventeen or Teen Vogue. We had readers as young as 7 and some were boys who were crushin' on Britney or little boys who just liked Hanson!

@Oilfield - :)

@Robyn - very sweet, thanks! My exciting life is def. past tense. Ha ha!

@Cheeseboy - glad I made you laugh :)

@Ms.A - As always thanks for stopping by. I owe you many a visit!

@Kat - Thanks!

Copyboy said...

Hey! Love the review!!!!!


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