Saturday, June 20, 2015

T'Pau "Heart and Soul"

T'Pau was today's blurred memory. 

I knew the name, but what was their hit? 

YouTubed the answer. And quickly recalled a time I loved this song. Watching the YouTube video, I could sing along -- crooning nearly all of the lyrics like it was 1987 again.

I encourage you to do the same.

Three fun facts about the British group, T'Pau
  1. Got their name from Star Trek...
  2. "Heart and Soul" failed in the UK, but was an American smash hit reaching #4 in 1987.
  3. "Heart and Soul" was featured in a Pepe Jeans commercial. 


phairhead said...

Holy crap! I just heard this song on the radio two weeks ago, prompting me to re-visit the video on YouTube. Man, those lyrics are dark!

Unknown said...

I <3'd this song! and I <3 you Blog :) *hugs* Jaime M. aka LilStampBug

RT Smith's said...

Skated to this at Hot Skates. Well, creeped along the carpet walls at Hot Skates while this played in the background.

Val said...

I loved this song--I still love it. It was on some compilation cassette tape I got in 5th grade, and I played it constantly. Robbie Nevil's song "C'est la Vie" was on it too, I'm pretty sure--I think that was the same tape. Remember that one? :)

Val said...

I just found the tape listed on eBay. How funnyo to see this again! This was the one I had. :)


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