Thursday, July 19, 2012

David Hasselhoff Cumberland Farms Ads

Don't "Hassle The Hoff" at Cumberland Farms

What kid in the '80s didn't love Knight Rider? What kid in the '90s didn't love Baywatch? David Hasselhoff, also known as "The Hoff", has become a household name among three generations of pop culture-lovin' youth. 

Knight Rider rocked!
This morning NPR announced that Cumberland Farms latest ad campaign has seriously "taken off" thanks in part to images of David Hasselhoff urging customers to enjoy a refreshing iced coffee. Cutouts positioned in about 570 stores throughout New England, California and Florida are such a hit with customers, they're stealing them. Who wouldn't want a life-size cutout of The Hoff in a tank top, sipping a delicious-looking iced coffee in their living room? I know I sure would love it. 

In California alone, 550 stores have seen the David Hasselhoff cutouts vanish from Cumberland Farms convenience stores. Is the company pissed? Hell no! "We want everyone to enjoy the Hoff," said their strategic marketing specialist, Kate Ngo. How cool is this? I love it. 

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Riot Kitty said...

That is hilarious! What are people doing with those cutouts?


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