Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Last Starfighter | Movie from 1984

I loved The Last Starfigher in 1984

When I was a kid, I'd refer to movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark and TRON as "boy movies."  I typically skipped these films. I believed they were of no use to me. To this day, I have no interest in films like The Avengers or Men In Black

One "boy  movie" I did enjoy however, was The Last Starfighter. This classic scifi film hit theaters in 1984 and focused around a teen ... Hang on, check it. I love how movie "teens" in the '80s looked so much older than today's movie"teens" -- what's up with that? Like Kevin Bacon was 26 when he played a senior in Footloose that same year!

Anyway, The Last Starfighter focused on a Alex Rogan (Lance Guest), a teen  living in a trailer park. He's like the Starfighter video gaming champion -- spending hours defending The Frontier. He's recruited by an alien to bring his video gaming skills into another dimension sorta thing. You know when real life crosses over into video game world. I forget the rest, but it was a pretty cool movie, for a "boy movie."

I wonder if any of you remember it? Of course I probably enjoyed it because back in 1984 I was all about Atari and Lance Guest was rather easy on the eyes--even for a 12-year-old girl.

Here's The Last Starfighter theatrical trailer to spark your memory.


Dex said...

Definitely one of my favorite sci-fi films from the 80s! I watched it a lot when it was on cable.
I had a board game based on it (http://cf.geekdo-images.com/images/pic32074_md.jpg) Someone needs to get off their butt and get some toys made, even if it's just small scale ships.

Lawfrog said...

I watched that movie a hundred times and loved it! I grew up with two older brothers so I saw a lot of boy movies as a kid, but like you, I actually enjoyed TLS!!

Lazlo said...

OMG... this movie is one of the best. I love this one. The thing that makes it so cool is that it takes an "average" kid who is into video games, and suddenly his video game turns out to be real, and he's in the adventure fighting to save earth from an alien armada. The story is light hearted, and hopeful. This is why '80s sci-fi/fantasy movies are so great to remember.

Pat Tillett said...

Hey Ally! I remember this one and actually liked it. Girl or boy movie, it didn't matter. It was GOOD!
Thanks for the memory jolt...

OldSchool80s said...

Hope you caught my interview from last year with Catherine Mary Stewart who played Alex's girlfriend Maggie in the film.


Unknown said...

Yes! We love this movie. One of my hubby's favorite ones. We watch it at least once a month. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Love it! We watch this movie about one a month or so. Thanks!

Lacey said...

Of course I remember this movie.
THIS is why we all played those 8 bit games for hours back then. We all KNEW that one day Robert Preston would come to OUR house and ask US to save the universe.

It was also the first movie to use total CGI for its effects.


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