Thursday, January 12, 2012

Six Pack | 80s Movie with Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers in Six Pack.
In the early 1980s, my parents spoiled us by having HBO in our Long Island home. Other than Fraggle Rock, I remember certain movies repeating incessantly. Six Pack staring Kenny Rogers was one of them. Oh, how I loved this 1982 film about a white haired, bearded race car driver named Brewster Baker and six southern tag-along kids.

The movie featured six orphaned kids who meet up with Kenny Rogers' character by stealing a brand new engine from his race car while he's in a small Texas town rest stop. Long story short, Kenny takes the kids on the road as his pit crew. The cast included a very young Anthony Michael Hall and Diane Lane alongside Erin Gray.

A spin-off TV version of the show with Don Johnson as Brewster Baker and Leaf Phoenix (now Joaquin Phoenix) didn't last very long in 1983.

Here's a  tribute video someone made using clips from the Kenny Rogers' movie, Six Pack.

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