Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fingerless Gloves | 1980s Accessory

I loved fingerless mesh gloves.

Fingerless gloves. We all had them. If you say you didn't, you're a dirty liar. Neon pink or green mesh fingerless gloves were all the rage in the mid 1980s. Paired with a neon top and rubber bracelets, I felt so cool and stylish. I'd spike my hair and put on my cutest new wave earrings. In addition to the mesh gloves, I also loved my Madonna style lace fingerless gloves. Did you or your sister have a pair?

Lace fingerless gloves


Pat Tillett said...

Hi Ally!
I promise you that I never owned or even wanted a pair!

Blast from the Past said...

I didn't have any of these... :) Skip on back to the 1970's and I might have had a cool pair of waffle stompers or something, but never did I have a pair of those fashionable gloves.

dopdavid said...

i've seen some gloves like these recently, maybe they're coming back in style

Bossy Betty said...

Hi Ally! I didn't have any and now feel as if I missed out!

Crystal said...

I never had them, but my kids were really into them last year.


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