Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Out Of This World | TV Series

Maureen Flannigan as Evie in Out Of This World.

Out Of This World was a silly scifi NBC comedy show which ran between September, 1987 through May, 1991.  The stories focused around a teenage girl, Evie (Maureen Flannigan) raised by her mom Donna (I loved her mom, played by Donna Pescow of Saturday Night Fever fame).

Where was her dad? Well, he was an alien who lived far, far away. Her dad, Troy spoke to her via a special communicator cube. Evie finds out she has special supernatural powers when she turns 13 and shares her experiences and concerns with her dad in daily conversations with him over the colorful cube.

Click here to view an episode of Out Of This World to refresh your memory or to see what you missed out back in 1987.


Shannon said...

Haha, I loved Out of This World when I was a kid. I thought Evie was so cool! :)

LadyJ3000 said...

I adored Out of this World as a child. In fact Maureen Flanagan was the first celebrity I ever wrote a fan letter to.

Never got a response ;o(

alicia said...

what a great show! what girl wouldn't want the ability to stop time??? although, zack morris had that power without being half alien... either way, i want it!

sara said...

LOVED this show. Stopping time like she does would still be the super power I would pick. I hate to admit it, but I {cough} still {cough} dream about it when I'm sitting in traffic.

Justine’s Halloween said...

Nostalgia! I loved this show as a kid. I always wanted her power to stop time by just putting her fingers together. I just remembered that I had that same shirt as a kid, except it had Mickey Mouse heads on it instead of hearts. :)

TILTE said...

I used to watch this show religiously. I thought she was so pretty and wanted to be her.

But even back then, I knew her boyfriend looked like a douchebag.

Pat Tillett said...

Now this one I know! My daughter loved it!


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