Monday, November 28, 2011

80s Christmas Commercials | Folger's "Peter!"

Peter comes home for Folger's
Christmas commercial from 1986.
A few weeks ago, my coworker confessed that there's a particular Christmas commercial from 1986 that actually makes her shed a tear. She said whenever she saw this Folger's Coffee commercial, she always knew Christmas was near.

The commercial features a handsome son named Peter who comes home from college for the holiday break. He's greeted by his little sister who calls out the famous line, "Peeeeeter!" He quietly whisks her into the kitchen and begins to brew a delicious pot of Folger's Coffee to surprise his sleeping family. 

The home is beautifully decorated. The snow is falling, and it's just picture perfect. Peter is shown walking in with a stack of wrapped Christmas gifts for his family. They are all reunited and destined for a lovely holiday together. Folger's tried to recreate the Peter magic a few years back and modernized it, but it just wasn't as good as the original.

Although I remember the Folger's commercial, one of my very first favorite holiday commercials is for McDonald's gift certificates and features Corey Feldman as a toddler. He's so adorable, you just have to see this. It is from 1977.


Ms. A said...

I remember the Folgers commercial and still love it! I don't remember the McDonald's commercial, but I was busy with raising kids and probably have just forgotten it.

Sabrina Steyling said...

I don't remember either commercial (I wasn't even born in 1977, LOL) but have to admit that Corey Feldman is MAJORLY adorable in that McDonald's one! :)

Shannon said...

I love that classic Folgers commercial! You're right, the remake was nowhere near as good as the original. I hope they bring this commercial back sometime this holiday season. Thanks for the flashback! :)

C said...

I remember that Folgers commercial! They still have really good ones. That McDonalds commercial is so cute! I used to get gift certificates like that in my stocking!

DWei said...

I can't get into the Christmas mood anymore. Not until the term is over. XP

Pat Tillett said...

The Mcdonald's commercial still is pretty cute!

Lady Hill said...

The Folgers commercial always made me cry. There is another one that is like a Big brother coming home from college and that one made me cry too. When I was a kid, my brother Rick was my favorite person in the entire universe, I think b/c he was away at college lol when he came home, not so much haha. Anyway, love the commercial. Thanks for sharing.


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