Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Edition | Cool It Now

August of 1984 -- "Cool It Now" by New Edition.
I've told ya'll how much I loved the summer of 1984. Great movies like NeverEnding Story. Great games like this and girlie things like Poochie for Girls. Great TV shows like Double Trouble. And best of all, great music like this tune, oh and New Edition's "Cool It Now."

The music was so innocent and poppy. "Cool It Now" by New Edition was released in late summer of 1984 and was one of my faves to SKATE and singalong to. I especially loved how New Edition's lead singer, Ralph Tresvant would call out each New Edition member name, "Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike ..." I've read that when Johnny Gill replaced Bobby, they'd sing out "Johnny". Let's not even talk about Bobby Brown's problems, shall we. Let's just remember the song and the group for what they were at the time to a 12-year-old me, FUN! 

Every weekend our parents would drop us off at Hot Skates, the roller rink in Lynbrook, Long Island. Songs by young kids like New Edition and Musical Youth were all the rage there for a while and I was lovin' it. Every song just made you want to get out on that shiny wooden floor and skate your little heart out. Backward, forward, couple skate -- just SKATE!

Relive the summer of 1984 with this classic video of young love and "Cool It Now you got to slow it down, ooooh watch out, you're gonna lose control..."


LL Cool Joe said...

Loved Johnny Gill's My, My, My. Great song. I actually had a few of Bobby Brown's albums too. Still do. Say what you like about him but he had some great hits.

The Random Blogette said...

LOVED New Edition!

Pat Tillett said...

Hey Ally!
I do remember! There weren't one of my favorites, but you've now got me thinking of what happened that year. I can always count on your posts to get the memory banks fired up!

Bossy Betty said...

Loved those roller skating days!

Suze said...

'Double Trouble' was my favorite show as a pre-teen!!

Ms. A said...

SO many of the musical memories in our family, are tied to the skating rink. Probably because we lived there!

Belle said...

I loved the roller rink so much I used to go by myself. Loved the music and the motion!

Belle said...

I loved the roller rink so much I used to go by myself. Loved the music and the motion!


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