Saturday, October 3, 2009

Whatever Happened To DIY Halloween Costumes?

Three weeks away from October 31st and there are two Halloween Evites sitting in my inbox. Every October we're invited to at least one Halloween party. It's the one party I secretly dread 'cause of that damn, "All guests must wear a costume" crap.

It's difficult for me to believe that there was a time I lived for dressing up. How between the ages of about three to fifteen, it was something I actually enjoyed. Halloween was the only way I'd ever experience being a cheerleader, a beautiful fairy princess, a black cat, a cool cowgirl, an evil devil, an innocent angel and I'm sure a whole bunch of other retarded characters I'm drawing a blank on. Throughout my elementary school years, my career dream was acting. Everyone in school knew I wanted be an actress. I went to drama camp at Hoftra University for two summers and thought I was on my way. My love of pretending went beyond the average kid and having one day a year to be anything I wanted to be was like a dream come true.

So yeah, it took weeks to decide on the perfect costume. I made sure none of the other kids in my trick-or-treating crew would be whatever I was. I counted down the minutes until the transformation. Today, in my 30s, I effin absolutely loathe it. Trying to think of something witty, trendy, cool or cutesy honestly sickens me. Not to mention, my stomach churns at the mere sight of today's costumes. The way Halloween has turned into a legit excuse for chicks to dress half-naked in fetish gear as "slutty school girl," "sexy cop-a-feel cop" or "naughty nurse"... They can even turn a sweet peace-lovin' hippie into "hooker style hippie"!

We're bombarded with countless prefab 'stumes at Target, Old Navy and even your local grocery store. I can't help but think we've come a long way from the plastic costumes of the '70s and '80s. Oh I loved the way those smelled when they were brand new. As a big boned kid, the boxed-up plastic costumes didn't really fit me very well. In fact, I think the only plastic costume I ever experienced was when Mom dressed me up like Raggedy Ann at age 5.

I realize these fancy costumes are a quick, easy fix for on-the-go working moms, but I can't help but feel a bit sad in a way. I recall countless Halloween eve's. Mom would slave all night over her imperfect, yet thoughtful creations after grading her student's papers. A cardboard star attached to wooden spoon and a poster board crown both carefully wrapped in tin foil and viola, I was a princess.

Black felt ears Elmer-glued onto a headband with a stuffed black sock attached to the butt portion of my black leotard and suddenly I was a spooky black cat. Those were the days... Today, a quick trip to our local drug store and we've got an endless selection of cat ears, tail, magic wand, spooky makeup, fangs, you name it! There's no need to think too hard.

Trust me, I'm not judging anyone. I would never take the time to make a costume for myself or the hubs. If I had kids, damn straight I'd be the first online to purchase the $29 Hannah Montana getup from Party City.I'm just missing the old days and wish I enjoyed sportin' a 'stume like everyone else I know.


Unknown said...

haha! i just clicked on an ad that has a couple costume for bacon and eggs.

Fashionable Earth said...

Here is a link for DIY ears - good luck :) !!

MoonDoggie said...

I hear ya. I hate all the 'sexy' costumes too.
I especially hate when you go to a lot of trouble for your friend's costume party and everyone else just shows up in normal clothes. So I understand why people put the 'all guests must wear a costume' bit.
I also believe that Halloween costumes should have a scary element to them. That doesn't seem to happen much anymore.


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