Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Dad, the Shirtless Wonder

Dad and me
Last night, while driving to the gym with my husband, we saw what we now know to be an everyday occurrence in Florida ... A shirtless man driving a pickup truck. I joked with hubs that to this day, I always think of my dad when I see a shirtless gent. Ironically, hubs hates taking off his shirt. So unless he’s showering or swimming, you won’t see him roaming around our house or yard shirtless, let alone driving!

My dad, on the other hand has no fear of being shirtless ... He's always helping us around the house when things break. And trust me, we love him for it and are forever indebted to him. And if Dad doesn't know how to fix it, he will Google and YouTube our various appliances to figure out how to repair it.  But I have to laugh, because within five minutes, Dad’s running around our garage or kitchen with his shirt off.

In fact, here I am sitting at work on lunch ... I look up and see this photo I have pinned to my cubicle. Ironic, huh?

*Facial features blocked to protect his privacy. Not sure how Dad would feel if he knew I had his photos floating around online.

Dad, the shirtless man


Janie Junebug said...

I love it when Hot Young Anthony next door works in his yard and takes off his shirt. He brings me such joy.


Tom said...

Occasionally when I'm mowing the lawn and my shirt gets too sweaty, I'll take it off. My wife will ask me, "What are you doing with your shirt off?" I tell her, "Giving the neighbor ladies a thrill" jokingly, of course.

helen725 said...

I love the picture of you and your dad. I just noticed the little kitten your dad is cuddling in the photo... It's so sweet and adorable!


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