Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Old School No Frills Brand

Pathmark supermarket No Frills brand.

Growing up on Long Island in the 1980s, Pathmark was our grocery store. For some reason, I remember being oddly attracted to the No Frills brand. No Frills was their line of less expensive, no-nonsense generic foods, beverages, paper goods, toiletries, etc. 

No Frills brand from Pathmark
I was mystified by the design because no matter what the item, it was always packaged in white with black lines or lettering. Seriously, no matter if it was chips or fake Country Time lemonade ... you could find it in white paper, tin or cans with simplistic lettering and nonexistent design. 

We've come a long way since those days ... Today we refer to these items as, "store brands" and they don't look as dull.


helen725 said...

Here in Canada, we actually have a whole chain of grocery stores that are called "No Frills". Their trademark is a bright yellow background with black lettering.

Unknown said...

I too grew up in the 80's but I live in Brooklyn. Unlike you, I hated the no frills line. It always meant that I couldn't get the Mr.T cereal or the Welch's grape soda. It was always puffs and cola.LOL. Thanks for sharing this!

Socialitebite said...

I grew up in Philadelphia and we had the No Frills brand in my household. Some of the products were good.


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