Monday, September 3, 2012

Milk, it does a body good!

Anyone remember the "Milk, it does a body good" commercials from the late 1980s? There were so many of them -- developed by McCann-Erickson Worldwide -- and each one featured a different kid, or several kids against a gray backdrop...

The theme was basically that drinking milk will make you hot or beautiful once you grow up. I never drank milk growing up, just didn't like the taste. I'm all grown up now, and well, I'm far from hot. My cousin, on the other hand, she drank milk by the gallon. She's now a successful lawyer, very hot and very wealthy. Hmm... Truth.

Here's one I found ... PS In retrospect, I realize many of the kids cast in these commercials have Long Island accents.


Arika said...

I loved those commercials! They didn't make me want to drink milk more, but that may have been because I already drank a huge amount.

ConorTV said...

I hated milk as a kid. I did manage to drink chocolate milk. I loved Nestle Quik. Probably loaded with artificial flavor. So much for healthy.

b-chica said...

Awww... I've seen recent pictures of you, you are not far from hot. (Gotta stick up for a fellow milk hater.)

I loved (really, really chocolatey) chocolate milk, but still don't like plain milk. Plain milk is for dunking chocolate chip cookies or Oreos.


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