Saturday, August 18, 2012

Stop, Drop, And Roll | Vintage Fire Safety

As a kid, we were taught to "Stop, Drop And Roll" in the event of a fire. Get down, watch out for hot door knobs and run to a neighbors to call 911. These were our very first lessons safety. It was drilled into our heads, rightfully so, of course. Does anyone remember this vintage fire safety video? 


Megan Adamson said...

I don't remember this ad, but I wasn't born then. It was poor Winney the Pooh getting burned that shocked me!
Some of these ads, even today, that scare or bore me to death.
Hummm, I'm thinking about buying one of those Bed in a Bag when I go visiting my friends, just so they know I'm in for the long haul.

Following from Janie Junebug.

leftylimbo said...

lol. I remember that commercial, but the one that really resonates for me was the one hosted by Dick Van Dyke, who urged those in fire emergencies to "Stop, Drop, and ROLL DICK ROLL!"

Somehow I can't find that commercial on YouTube. But it was hilarious!

J.M. said...

believe it or not, they had a fire safety commercial starring Daffy Duck from looney tunes. It was a live action/animation as Daffy was in someone's house giving them a burn prevention quiz, for which they passed. The smoke detector was animated as well. Even Bugs Bunny, and tweety was in a commercial teaching kids about the importance of burn prevention. Bugs Bunny- Remember keep those pot handles turned in. Tweety- hot water can burn in less than 3 seconds.


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