Thursday, April 26, 2012

Robert Hays | The Girl, The Gold Watch & Everything

I loved Robert Hays when I was 8.

Although I was only 8, I had the biggest crush on Robert Hays of Airplane fame. I first spotted him on Angie, a short-lived sitcom from 1979. A year later he starred alongside Mork & Mindy's Pam Dawber, in a made-for-TV-movie called The Girl, The Gold Watch & Everything

If you ask me, this movie was, well, inappropriate for children. I don't even know why my folks allowed me to watch it. I'm sure they had no idea I was in the den glued to the tube. Years later, the details are fuzzy, but the concept was fascinating.

Adorable Kirby (Robert Hays) inherited a fancy gold stopwatch from his wealthy, eccentric uncle. This watch had the ability to stop time. So Kirby  would sort of freeze everyone around him, yet somehow he and his girl (Pam) weren't affected. Zaniness ensued, etc.Cool to a kid!

Does anyone remember this made for TV movie?

Here's the intro and first few minutes. You can view all of The Girl, The Gold Watch & Everything on YouTube. 

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gorfulator said...

I remember that show! His eccentric
uncle bequeathed him a time stopping watch.

I was around 12 when this aired, I had a problem with the time-stopping.. wouldn't the oxygen molecules be still rendering the watch bearer immobile?

There was a sequel to this called Girl Gold watch and dynamite!


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