Monday, April 23, 2012

Units & Multiples 80s Fashions

Multiples or Units by Sandra Garratt were cool
mix and match fashions from the '80s.

The other day, my coworkers and I were at lunch. I told them about my blog and they insisted that I write something about Multiples or Units, the 1980s clothing line founded by Texas fashion designer Sandra Garratt.

I'll be honest, I vaguely really remember this cool mix and match concept of dressing. The photos of the comfy-looking fashions do look familiar, but for some reason, I missed the boat. Sandra's Units came out in 1979 and her Multiples line was launched in 1989.

Multiples for men and women.
Sandra Garratt's story behind Units and Multiples is an awesome rags-to-riches tale. A broke, single mom trying to make a living as a designer, Sandra used her last $38 (from an unemployment check!) to purchase some fabric. She fashioned a few simple cotton skirts, tops and pants, which were to be worn tied and layered. She called them modulars and sold them in a small local boutique. 

Sandra's modulars took off like wildfire and soon 600 shops opened in malls across the U.S. and women of all ages were smitten by the easy-to-wear Units and Multiples styles. Ladies loved Units for their comfort -- some say they loved how five pieces could be mixed, matched and layered to create a week's worth of styles. 

Today, Sandra Garratt is living in LA and still busy creating different looks for women, men and children with MODBOX, SilvrLining and more. 

Did you own Multiples or Units? My coworkers admitted they still have one or two of Sandra's simplistic, timeless pieces. 


Ms. A said...

Hahaha... I still have several! Check your mail.

Riot Kitty said...

Wow! Totally forgot about those. I had them.

B23 said...

I always liked the individual pieces but never bought the standard "set" of the top, skirt, and contrasting cowl worn as a belt. I actually wore the white "petal" skirt to my high school graduation in '91 with a vintage top.

Kristie said...

I had several of the Units outfits. I remember wearing them not only as belts, but also as halter tops and skirts (over swimsuits.) I know, nice right? Not a good look. Period.

Kristie said...

I remember having several of the Units outfits. I not only wore them as belts, but also as halter tops and skirts (over swim attire) but I know!!! Not a good look.

Mary Lou @ MVP said...

Just saw a picture of me in one of my favorite 1980's outfits. I couldn't recall the name until I googled it and it was units. I had a coral tube top, coral leggings, beige tunic which I then belted with another coral tube. Too funny as I completely forgot about this line of clothing.

Mary Lou @ MVP said...

I just found a picture of me with my favorite 1980's outfit. I couldn't recall the name of the clothing until I googled it. It was units. I had a coral tube top, coral leggings, beige tunic with a coral tube used as a belt. Looked fab! Loved this outfit. Too funny.


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