Monday, March 12, 2012

Dynamints Were Like Fruit Flavored Tic Tacs

Whatever happened to Dynamints?

Remember Dynamints back in the late 1970s? They were sorta like Tic Tacs, but were slightly larger in size and packaged in a horizontal-shaped plastic box. Dynamints were available in minty flavors, but my personal favorite were the sweet, fruity flavors such as orange and grape. I remember the red flavor having a hot kick to 'em. 

Ahhhh ... like the Burger Bubble hamburger gum, Dynamite is just another old school treat I wish I could taste just one more time. 

Watch this Dynamint commercial! 


b-chica said...

Yep, I remember those. I liked the mixed fruit flavor packs. I wish they were still around because I wanted some of their containers for something (I forget what, but I know I needed their long edge removable lid so Tic-Tac containers won't work. (I reuse Altoids containers for lots of stuff.) said...

I love how you bring back products and commercials or shows that I'd long forgotten. Thanks, Ally. I loved Dynamints - not sure why, maybe because of the hokey, catchy commercial.

Be well.

Blast from the Past said...

I totally remember these - they were cool because they were different than Tic Tacs!

Those were pretty awesome commercials!

Unknown said...

I used to make those in my early twenties at a company called warner-lambert in Rockford IL. Wonder why you never see them anymore


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