Monday, March 19, 2012

80s Ferarri Fold-up Sunglasses

Ferarri brand folded or fold-up sunglasses from the '80s

There were many popular styles of sunglasses back in the 1980s. The summer of Karate Kid, I was all about plastic, slotted sunglasses that resembled blinds or shutters. 

However, there was a time when everyone loved these cool fold-up or folding sunglasses. They may have come in brown, but I only recall black. These cute folding sunglasses came with a small leather or fake leather case.

The Aviator style sunglasses would easily fold up and fit into the case. Ferarri was the brand kids loved best. They were so cool. Once folded and zipped into the little case, the sunglasses fit into my purse or pocket with ease. 

Remember Ferarri folding sunglasses from the 80s? 


Bossy Betty said...

Hi there! How did I miss out on these?

b-chica said...

My mother had a pair. Actually, just confirmed she still has them in the drawer of the cabinet above her desk.

willsrib said...

This is husband's friend just called to ask if we remembered the name of the fold up sunglasses from the eighties.. We all remembered the glasses just not the name. I googled fold up sunglasses from the eighties and got this site. Thank You!!!!

Cherie said...

Yes!!! Need them. LOL

Alex K. Angelopoulos said...

I still have a pair of the black Ferarris - I don't recall the brown ones either. I'd post a photo of myself in 80's attire including sunglasses, but over the last 30 years my parachute pants have mysteriously shrunk 6 inches in the waistline.::shock::


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