Thursday, December 8, 2011

1985 Alisha Teen Singer All Night Passion

"Baby Talk" and "All Night Passion"
were my fave songs.

In seventh grade, my BFF Danny loved teen queen singers such as Tiffany and Alisha. As his friend, I had to share a love of these pop stars. In fact I even took him to see Tiffany live with NKOTB at The Westbury Music Fair on Long Island. My folks had a special membership which got us second row. WOO HOO!

For a very brief moment around 1985, I couldn't stop listening to Brooklyn-born Alisha's dance tunes. She was a total teen version of Madonna. Her self-titled 1985 album was locked into my Sharp brand pink retro little boom box radio for weeks at a time as I quickly learned the lyrics to every song from "Baby Talk" to "All Night Passion." She was edgy and her lyrics were dirty, although I had no idea what she was talking about at an innocent age 12.

Here are her big hits from back in the day. If you're under 35, trust me you will not remember her.

"Baby Talk"

"All Night Passion"

"Too Turned On"



Ha! Alisha went to my High School in Brooklyn - South Shore - I think she graduated the year I started. I had Alisha's album too! :P

b-chica said...

I'm over 35 (just barely) and I don't remember this at all. Of course, I went from not caring about music to being into hard rock and metal, so the only pop singers I knew where the really unavoidable ones like New Kids, Tiffany and Debbie Gibson.

Sabrina Steyling said...

I'm 32 and you're right - I don't remember her. ^_^

Martin Maenza said...

I added the digital downloads from this album to my music library last year. Good stuff to dance to.

alicia said...

someone gave me that record because the cover is hilarious. i wasn't familiar with her music and i totally thought she was some weird eastern european pop star...


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