Thursday, November 17, 2011

Remember Deb Shops at the Mall?

Deb Shops ruled in the '80s.
I was a true mall girl throughout my grammar and junior high school years. What else would a girl growing up on Long Island do when not at the beach? 

Way before we were brand conscience with our Esprit, Benetton and E.G. Smith brand slouch socks, we hit the Deb Shop every weekend. We girls loved shopping at Deb's and spending our allowance on long, baggy bright "jam" style shorts and accessories such as plastic pearls, Madonna gloves, neon gummy bracelets and more.

I was surprised to see that Deb Shops started way back in 1932 and are still thriving, check out their website at Deb Shop


Ms. A said...

I don't remember this one, at all. Wonder if they had them here?

b-chica said...

I still look there when shopping for clothes. Have to go to the plus sized section, but their clothes are way more fun and within my taste than most of the other stores that have plus sizes.

Riot Kitty said...

I never had them where I lived. I must have missed out!

C said...

I remember this store too and am very surprised to hear that it's still open!

Unknown said...

HA! Sounds like Justice and Claire's that I take my girls to nowadays.

bestie said...

oh yes....loved this store too, being a true mall rat myself, i frequented it often! i truly love your blog!

ps stop by and enter my giveaway this week. could be one way to repay your for all the memories and nostalgia i get reading your blog.

LaraAnn said...

Thanks for the reminder, I totally forgot about this shop. I don't think that our Woodbridge Mall had it but Moorestown Mall which is near where my aunt lives did. I didn't know that they still even existed. I was never a mall rat when I was a teen, that came late in life, like in the 2000's.


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