Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Whoopee Cushion Fun

Whoopee Cushion Fun
There was a time in my childhood that I became obsessed with these practical joke items. You know, like hand buzzers, soap that makes your hands dirty, fake plastic poop, and of course the infamous Whoopee Cushion or Woopie Cushion. There was something about these vintage treats that really caught my eye. I liked their simple packaging. These immature gag items were also perfectly priced for a kid on an allowance. 

I'd bring a different prank item to school with me to share with the other kids. Whether it was a fake ice cube with a plastic fly in it or itching powder that didn't really make me itch for some reason, I just had to have it. Though all of the gag trinkets were fun, the Whoopee Cushion held a special place in my heart. Who could 
resist the sound of toots? 

It was such a riot to place this ridiculous rubbery balloon-like thing on someone's chair at school and have them plop down on it. Everyone always knew it was there. It was never an actual surprise or prank. Yet it always made us laugh. My husband dressed up in a pre-fab Whoopee Cushion costume one Halloween. Sorry I'm not allowed to share that photo here.  

Here's one I found on the Internet for you -- NOT MY HUSBAND!

Woopie Cushion Costume


Lavagirl said...

I bought one of these the other day, I saw it in a toy shop and couldn't resist. The last time I saw it was when I'd hidden it in my dad's chair before nipping up for a bath. I still don't know if he got fooled by it, and now there exists in our house a weird kind of whoopee cushion standoff, with us both checking obsessively before we sit anywhere :/

J.M. said...

Yeah, I got into those things a lot as a kid, but mostly the whoopee cushion and the snake in the can. I bought those things from Spence Gifts in the mall back in the 1980's. They really didn't last long though. But one time, I went to get my snake in the can, and the snake wasn't in it. I figured my older sister took it, and got mad at her, and asked her angrily on where it was. She was snickering as I said that this isn't funny and it was very expensive. She then points to a coffee can and then when I open it, my lost snake comes popping out. My sister laughed.


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