Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Really Rosie & Pierre - by Maurice Sendak

"I don't care," said Pierre - a Maurice Sendak classic.
Children's author and illustrator, Maurice Sendak passed away today at 83. Although famous for Where The Wild Things Are, I was probably the only child who didn't like that book. I did, however ADORE the tale of Pierre and Really Rosie

Pierre was a very naughty little boy. I remember thinking that my parents would kick my butt if I was as bad as Pierre who just didn't care. The story revolves around his disrespectful ways and what can happen to children who don't listen to their parents. 

I remember Carole King singing the words to Pierre in a TV special that aired on CBS in 1975 called Really Rosie. Really Rosie was an animated musical based on Maurice Sendak's stories including Chicken Soup with Rice -- another one I enjoyed. I was really small when I saw it and I think the scene where the lion eats Pierre was a bit scary, but the song was so wonderful. 

I especially love Maurice Sendak's kids and characters in Really Rosie because they were New Yawkers, like my family and me, and they sure did have the accents to prove it.

Here's a clip of Pierre...

Chicken Soup with Rice:


Riot Kitty said...

So sad. He was so fantastic, and so ahead of his time! When he started writing, it was basically, Dick, Jane and Spot.

G. B. Miller said...

I picked up the c.d. "Really Rosie" at Best Buy about four years ago and I'm forever listening to it at work whenever I need to experience some real children's music.

FilmFather said...

Downloaded the "Really Rosie" album from Amazon last year. My kids love it and it brings back childhood memories for me. Best money I ever spent:


J.M. said...

They showed this on the Great Space Coaster. "I Don't Care!" said the child as he got gobbled up by the lion. A- alligators all around. And nobody knew where Really Rosie was, as she went to get Chicken Soup with rice for everyone.


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