Monday, October 10, 2011

L.A. Looks Hair Gel 1980s Hair Products

L.A. Looks was the styling product
of choice in the late 1980s.
L.A. Looks debuted in the hair product aisle of America's favorite drug stores back in 1987. Almost every girl in school used L.A. Looks hair products. I know I invested in several L.A. Looks products. They were super popular. 

What was it about L.A.and California in the 1980s? Everyone wore L.A. Gear and Camp Beverly Hills and spoke like Valley Girls


Justine’s Halloween said...

I know, right? I was way into L.A. Looks and L.A. Gear shoes as a little girl! I had a giant bottle of that hair gel. :) I swear it took years to work through that stuff, but I felt all cool and grown up!

Ms. A said...

Yep, we had that stuff around here. Even my boys used it.

Unknown said...

That made me laugh out loud! It reminded me of my sister's perm. Ha!

C said...

I loved this and Aqua Net!

Shannon said...

So funny! I grew up in L.A. during the 80s and it's so hilarious to think about the rest of the country copying the styles they thought were so Hollywood. I didn't use the hair gel, but I have fond memories of my L.A. Gear hi-tops with the multi colored laces. They were so totally rad, like, for sure!


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