Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No Heat Bendable Hair Rollers

Ladies, Remember Hair Rollers?
For about the past seven years, straight hair has been the trend. Who doesn't own a flattening iron or straightening iron? Who isn't burning the hell out of their hair in an effort to achieve that clean, straight hair look? It's hard to believe that back in the mid 1980s, I would set my hair every night using these soft colorful tubes. The tubes were flexible and painless while asleep.

As they increased in popularity, they became available for hot style rollers. Each bendable tube fit perfectly into a slot that heated the roller. I thought I looked awesome with my waves and curls. Looking back, I looked awFUL. I would try to bend them into ponytail holders, but they wouldn't keep the hair in place for very long.

I was surprised to find you can still purchase them! Click here to see for yourself!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

1990s Slang | Words & Things We Said In The 90s

The other day, I was urging an old high school pal to attend a girls getaway weekend we're planning for the fall. In the process of my pleading with her to find proper babysitting for her three beautiful kids, I blurted out a word I haven't heard since 1989.

I honestly couldn't think of a better way to describe her than with the word "pissa" or "pisser" if you're not from Long Island or New England, I guess. I had to apologize for my lack of a more modern term. The word just fit. Funny because a 50-year-old friend of ours used the word "panic" the other day which made me giggle. I hadn't heard that word since 1989 either.

For some reason, my most popular blog posts are about old-school slang. So no better time like today to post some more of my favorites. These slang terms, phrases and words were big over a decade ago and before you can comment that you still use them, that's fine. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with recycling old slang. I say we should keep the old, new and continue to battle the new slang with our old-school, retro words! 


Dope 1990s Slang Terms

411 - Deriving from the universal phone number for information. What's the 411, yo!

Audi 5000 or Audi- Cooler way of announcing one's departure. Okay, ya'll I'm Audi! or See ya, I'm Audi 5000!

Don't have a cow! - I think this was also popular in the late 80s. It meant to relax or chill out. Relax, don't have a cow!

Fresh - Another way of saying awesome, great or cool. Those Air Jordans are fresh!

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Mint - Similar to the above term "fresh" meaning cool. That Vanilla Ice song is mint!

Panic - This means hysterically funny or wild in a good way. She's such a panic!

Pisser - See above. That chick Keri really is a pissa!

Step off! - Reminds me of "Get to steppin'" which is a hostile way of saying "Back off," "Get out of here" or "Leave!" I actually remember a tough girl had "Step Off" painted on the back of her denim jacket. Step off before I kick your ass!

"Take a chill pill!" - Relax or calm down. Mom, I'll be home by 10. Take a chill pill, will ya?

Click here for more fun 1990s slang.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Wish We Had Mini Cheating When I Was Teen Dieter

It started with the Mini Cooper and just seems to have spiraled from there. It's as if the world has gone mini! For example, when I was a kid, cupcakes and most snacks only came in one size and maybe this is why I've been battling the bulge ever since.

Today we have so many choices. It's as if we can "mini" cheat with a mini burger, mini cucpake, mini cheese square and more. Many restaurants are serving up sliders or mini burgers, desserts in shot glasses or "shooters" while some are serving platters with five small bite-sized cookies and tarts.

Restaurant owners know women enjoy sharing desserts. They've simplified GNO dessert-sharing by serving sweet treats in smaller portions. Gone are the days of the three-way spoon or fork wresting for that final bite of cheesecake.

Here are some of my favorite mini treats (available at your local market) sure to satisfy your craving for a "taste" of evil without really ruining a day of dieting. If you follow Weight Watchers, the points value should be under 4 for each treat.

Mini Cheeseburgers | Weight Watchers Anytime Selections
At 200 calories per burger, it's as if you get to satisfy your White Castle craving without spoiling your diet. The Weight Watcher mini pizzas are also yummy at 5 points.

Mini Cupcakes | Hostess
Before going low-carb, these dime-sized cupcakes were something I looked forward to every day at lunch.  With only 100 calories per pack, I felt the satisfaction of something sweet sans serious guilt. They're available in lemon, cinnamon coffee cake, strawberry, Twinkie and chocolate cake. Little Debbie and Weight Watchers make similar mini cakes.

Cheese Sticks | Sargento
I love cheese! Weight Watchers, Kraft, Sargento and more have wised-up and are packaging lighter, snack-sized cheeses perfect for dieters. They have a variety of reduced fat and reduced sodium cheese snacks to compete with Mini Babybel and The Laughing Cow. My personal favorite is their 60-calorie Reduced Fat Colby-Jack cheese sticks.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Favorite 70s and 80s School Supplies

Back to school is approaching! This reminds me of one thing SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

Here are some of my favorite school supplies from the 1970s and 1980s. You already know about my love of the Trapper Keeper, but here are a few super cool school supplies that rocked! Remember any of them?

The 1970s Peanuts lunchbox was a hit with kids!

In first grade, it was all about the Snoopy lunchbox. I thought it was the most amazing thing, despite the fact that my lunch was usually boring and healthy and contained carrots, celery, raisins and peanut butter -- very 1970s ... Back then lunchboxes were usually made of metal. Metal lunchboxes often rusted after Mom washed them too many times or they were exposed to rain one to many times.

Poochie, Poochie for girls! 1980s!
Hello Kitty pencil cases rocked!
Pencil cases were also something I really enjoyed shopping for. I loved Poochie pencil cases, Hello Kitty pencil cases and Little Twin Stars pencil cases. My love of pencil cases continued into high school. Instead of cutesy ones, I'd use those 3-hole-punch clear pencil cases that snapped into a 3-ring-binder. I was that kid who always had a pen or pencil in high school. This led to the usual, "Yo, can I borrow a pen?" question daily from that tough type of kid who never had a pen.

Marble notebooks and the tiny marble notebook memo pads rocked! In Catholic school, the nuns loved marble notebooks. They preferred them to spiral-bound because the papers were less likely to rip out and get lost. Today, as a non-student, I still like the look of the marble notebook but find the spiral notebooks more practical.

You may have already read about my obsession with Eraser Mates a while back. What was your favorite school supply from back in the day?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Interviewed Micky Dolenz of The Monkees

Micky Dolenz and me.
The summer of 1986 was probably one of my most favorite summers ever. I was 13 years old and all was right with the world. That summer I wasn't going away to camp that year, which was cool, instead I was attending an outdoor Monkees concert at Jones Beach on July 17 (now known as my husband's birthday).

That year I began writing articles for Newsday, our local Long Island newspaper. I was a kid editor for Newsday's kid-friendly column, appropriately titled, Kidsday. Pat, the editor in chief who ran the column, knew how crazy I was for the '60s bubblegum group, The Monkees. Every time we spoke, I'd beg him to hook me up with concert tickets.

I wasn't just a fan of The Monkees. I was insanely obsessed with them. I attended conventions. I ran a quarterly fanzine (my dad helped with the printing and mailing) with over 160 members. I had every album, magazine, photo, collectible, you name it, I had it! I had every episode of The Monkees show taped at least twice on VHS. I knew the lines to every song, every episode and their movie Head.

One fateful day, Pat called and said my wish was finally about to come true. Sure, he could offer me second row tickets to their Jones Beach show, but I'd have to earn them. Ugh. How? "We need you to interview them!" Pat said nonchalantly. I nearly passed out. My first big assignment. They were my most favorite band at the time next to Howard Jones and Tears for Fears of course. Wow!!!

The only Monkee who agreed to the interview for whatever reason, was Micky Dolenz. This was fine by me, Micky was my favorite member of The Monkees. I asked Micky questions about himself he was surprised I even knew about. I gave him a handful of things to autograph for me and asked him for a hug. I was sure it would forever be the best day of my life. In some ways it was the best day of my childhood life. As an adult, my wedding was the best day of my life.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Boy Meets World's Rider Strong Owes Me An Apology

The year was 1998. I was working as a teen editor covering an 'N Sync event at Disney World in Orlando which wasn't unusual at that time. Between our interviews and photo shoots, we ran into some of the cast members of ABC's Boy Meets World. As you know, Disney owns ABC and oftentimes their press events would be filled with ABC stars.

None of us even batted an eye at the sight of Boy Meets World star Rider Strong who played the part of Shaun Hunter. He was nothing to us by 1998. At that point 'N Sync and other boy bands were all the rage to our readers. Several minutes after the Rider Strong sighting, a Disney publicist approached us asking that we refrain from speaking with or photographing Mr. Rider Strong. The editors and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. "Rider, seriously? Get over yourself," we joked.

Rider Strong, aside from a bit part on Bones and a role in the film Cabin Fever, who really cares about Rider Strong in 2010? Lame. Big egos are such a turn-off. Oh, and Rider, I'm waiting for your apology. Just saying.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stop The Insanity With Susan Powter

As a chunky chick, I have no problem admitting that I've been dieting since about age 12. Like most bulge-battlers, I'm drawn to any and every new diet trick, program, book, pill, you name it. Yes, I realize cutting calories, fat and carbs and increasing exercise are key, just play along with me for a moment... In the early 1990s, my BFF and I loved these motivational diet infomercials hosted by Susan Powter, a tough-talking baldish, blond broad.

Susan Powter had several popular phrases including, "Stop the insanity" and "You can eat 32 baked potatoes!"  Unfortunately, I can't find a clip of her yelling that potato line, but for weeks my friend and I would randomly exclaim to each other,  "YOU CAN EAT 32 BAKED POTATOES!" Personally, I'm not a fan of baked potatoes, unless their drowning in melted cheese, bacon, butter and all of that good stuff. Just being honest. Check out the short video below if you're over 35, you may remember her.


Five Fast Facts About Susan
  1. She's 53. 
  2. Born in Australia.
  3. Describes herself as a "radical feminist lesbian woman."
  4. In 1994, she hosted her own talk show for one season.
  5. Has three books on the New York Times best-seller list.
Susan Powter is still motivating us chubbers to stop the insanity, visit her website at: http://www.susanpowteronline.com/

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Confessions of a Cougar

My husband is three years younger than me.
My college boyfriend is two years younger than me.
My high school boyfriend is one year younger than me.

I must confess, I love young boys, I mean guys. As a kid, my celebrity crushes were typically on guys my own age or a year or two older than me such as Corey Feldman, Jason Bateman and Kirk Cameron. As an adult,  I began to develop crushes on younger celebrity guys like Leonardo DiCaprio (he's kinda jerky, I know) and the one I felt most guilty about, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and my secret crush, Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys.

Now that he's in his 20s, I feel my crush is much more socially acceptable. However, as a 26-year-old editor at SuperTeen, writing about and crushing on a teenage Ten Things I Hate About You and Third Rock From The Sun star Joey Gordon-Levitt ... well, it felt wrong. Very wrong.

Hey, at least I didn't say "Angels in the Outfield Joey"...
Acceptable Joseph Gordon-Levitt adult crush.
I once dated a guy who was four years older than me, that felt very wrong as well. It was kept a secret. My family didn't really know. It didn't feel right. I didn't feel as in control, even though he wasn't exactly controlling. It was a fleeting fling and my one and only older guy affair.

What about you? Do you prefer dating younger guys/girls? Did you marry an older woman or man? Fess up!

Friday, August 20, 2010

PB & J And The Picnic Table

It's difficult to remember myself small enough to enjoy lunch at this tiny picnic table, but alas, back in 1975 I was. My mom would make me the most delicious peanut butter (smooth, not chunky) with grape jelly on white bread. Remember white bread? It's been years since I've enjoyed a sandwich on white bread.

What I wouldn't give to close my eyes and return to the old grassy, tree-filled backyard of our Oakdale, Long Island home and sit at the tiny table above (similar to the one I had). I was never one for milk, so I probably drank a cup of juice or water with my soft peanut butter and jelly. I would sit at that table for three seasons out of the year. I think we even brought the table indoors. In the winter months, Mom and Dad would let me watch TV while enjoying dinner in the living room at my little picnic table.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Holiday Inn Logo

Awesome Holiday Inn from the 1970s

The other day on my way to ShopRite, I passed the Parsippany Holiday Inn. Passing this Holiday Inn is something I do about once a week. Every time I see that big green and white Holiday Inn logo, my heart sinks just a tiny bit.  It may sound silly to you, but here's why...

I'm not happy about this logo
In October of 2007, the Holiday Inn CEO and marketing team unveiled an updated, modern logo to match the hotel chain's new and improved services and amenities. Fancy new shower heads, bedding and even a newly developed Holiday Inn fragrance welcomes overnight guests.  CEO Andy Cosslette reveled, "We're creating a Holiday Inn scent. It's going to be very subliminal, You're not going to walk in and find it hits you between the eyes. It'll be very subtle."

I love that Holiday Inn has updated their service and style, I'm behind all of it, but not the new and improved branding. I guess I'm a sucker for the vintage look and feel. I want to see the old script I identify with childhood drives down to Disney while squeezed between my little brother and a pile of pillows.

As a kid, I loved the Fisher Price Little People toy hotel. Notice it's a Holiday Inn. The Holiday Inn and I go way back. Why does everything have to be so new and improved? I'm still applauding Coca Cola for returning to the old school Mello Yello logo. I think brand managers should continue to push the vintage. Let consumers hold on to their memories, although I understand the idea of forming new memories. I guess I'm just an old-fashioned girl. How about you?

Monday, August 16, 2010

1980s Dolly Pops & Snap-on Clothes

Like most little girls growing up in the '80s, I loved anything girly (in addition to smurfs of course). Dolls such as Barbie, Cabbage Patch -- you name it, I had to have it! One particular toy I liked you may not remember, Dolly Pops or Dolly Pops Dress-ups. Unlike most dolls, Dolly Pops were made of a hardened plastic, but had soft doll hair. The dolls had snap-on clothes and snap-on toy accessories. 

Here's a somewhat disturbing TV commercial for Dolly Pops featuring a grown woman with a childlike voice. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Thought The Fonz Was My Dad

The Fonz or my dad?

So the other day I remembered something really silly and wanted to share it with you lovely blog readers. When I was about five, I secretly thought my dad was The Fonz (Henry Winkler). As a kid, I loved watching Happy Days and my dad was tough like Fonzie. Dad was raised on the Lower East Side of New York City (before it was hip of course) and spoke like Arthur Fonzarelli. 

Like The Fonz, Dad was really into fixing cars and I remember Fonzie was also a fan of choice automobiles. Later on in life, Dad got into motorcycles, just like The Fonz! Our last name is very close to Fonzarelli. My dad's nickname was "Azz" and people really called him that. I remember thinking, "Maybe they mean 'Fonz'" ... Unlike The Fonz, Dad's signature phrase wasn't "Ayyyy" -- unless we did something wrong. He didn't wear his hair like The Fonz and I'm not sure if he had a black leather jacket, but there was just something about Dad that made me think he and the Fonz were the same person.

Isn't it funny how kids think? Do you remember being weirdly confused about something when you were a kid? Sad thing is I'm still weirdly confused about most things, but I know now that my dad and The Fonz are too different people.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

World's Finest Fundraiser

The candy bars we sold each year.

Every year, the Catholic school I attended as a kid would have us sell World's Finest chocolate bars to raise money for our school and church. Yummy $1 milk chocolate with almond bars that broke into four perfect squares. Each chocolate bar wrapper included a coupon for a free McDonald's hamburger on the inside fold.

The bars always came packaged in a brown cardboard box of about 30. The cardboard box took on such an incredibly sweet scent. I remember wanting to devour bar after bar and sometimes I did! The box had a cardboard handle at the top. I remember how heavy the box would start out in the morning when I'd go to sell them, then get lighter and lighter as each sale was made.

My favorite hot spot to push these delicious treats, was at Franklin General Hospital, a block away from our home. I could easily sell about 60 bars in a day. I believe this location was my father's idea. He swore that visitors could buy them for patients and hungry nurses could pick one up on their way to their shift.

I was a very motivated kid candy seller. Why? I longed for those cheap-ass prizes in the catalog. Stupid crap like jump ropes, sticker books and other toys my folks could have easily purchased from Toys R Us or TSS (a popular department store near us back in the 1980s). One item in particular really caught my eye. It was a water bottle for my bike. I wanted this water bottle so badly for some reason. I remember how excited I was the day my dad attached it to my 10 Speed. I was such a geek.

Example of a simple water bottle for a bike
Things were going well selling World's Finest candy bars at the local hospital. I worked that location for about three years until one Sunday afternoon, one of the priests from our church happened upon me. He suggested I stop selling them there. What a jerk that priest was. From that day on, I never really made many sales. He screwed his own church by insisting I find a new location. Oh well.

Did you sell these chocolates for school when you were a kid?

Monday, August 9, 2010

I Survived My High School Reunion

My yearbook picture and quote was my name tag, ha ha!

This weekend I attended my high school reunion. No, not my 5th and not my 10th, not even my 15th, My 20 year high school reunion. I hated high school. I made sure to skip the 10th and planned on skipping the 20th. So why attend?

Over the past two years, I became Facebook friends with various girls from school. I can only say that I wish I had gotten to know these girls in high school. Maybe I wouldn't have hated every day as much as I did. Ironically, the few girls who really were my buddies in high school, I didn't keep in touch with. In fact, I'm still searching for Francine. She was a very sweet girl who drove me to SAT prep every week and helped me cheat on my "pre-prom" diet with a couple of late-night trips to the Franklin Square McDonald's.

Most kids can say they weren't popular in school. For me, it wasn't that I wasn't popular, I was virtually unknown. Those who did know of me, knew me as, "That girl with the effed up haircut who wore all black."  At the time, I liked it that way.

Saturday night, while awkwardly mingling, I was stopped by a guy whom I remembered as being a very big deal in high school. He was on like every team, had a million friends and was super smart. One of those guys who had "a walk" - he truly had an actual way of swaggering through the halls while guys high-fived him on their way to class.

I'll be honest, he seemed like kind of a prick in high school. I remember someone telling me he was also wild and crazy and kinda mean. I remember this faceless person telling me how it's always the pricks who are on every team and are the most popular. Playing the role of the angry misfit, I agreed.

Saturday night I felt this wave of regret come over me as the popular, smart, sports star dude chatted about school and how he could have done this or should have done that. We spoke about how our lives could have been different or how we could have been better people.

I liked the way he ended that conversation on a really cool positive note ... Something like, if he had done things differently, then he wouldn't have his beautiful kid and amazing wife. In his case everything worked out well in the end. Maybe it was the open bar talking after-all. I reminded him that he also has an awesome job, he laughed and said it wasn't rocket science.

We smiled and parted ways.

As I carefully walked across the dance floor, in heels I'm not used to wearing, I still felt pangs of regret. Although I pretended to agree, saying, "Oh yeah, whatever, man! Life goes on, shit happens! Whatever." I still had a lump in my throat, secretly wishing I had turned out "better" ...  I mean, I love my husband and my life is certainly not all that bad. I'm sure I'm not alone. There has to be just one other person that night who felt the way I did. Who knows, maybe I'm the only one who can admit that if I could do it over again, I would. I would have studied harder. I should have applied myself. I could have been more confident. Woulda, shoulda, coulda. What can you do...

One thing I don't regret is attending this reunion. It sort of provided me with closure. Closure with myself. I can't describe it, but I think I'm gonna be okay... I can feel it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Taylor Lautner As Stretch Armstrong

I'm doing some research on Twilight actor Taylor Lautner (more on that another day) and discovered he is slated to portray Stretch Armstrong in a 2012 3-D movie. Wow, what a blast from the past. "Who the heck is Stretch Armstrong?" you young folks are saying... Check it out!

Stretch Monster in all his glory!

Stretch Armstrong Doll From Kenner

In 1976, Kenner released the most ridiculous, yet awesome, over-sized action figure doll targeted to boys. Stretch Armstrong was a tough muscle head guy sporting only a Speedo. He consisted of thick rubber filled with a heavy gel that made him, well, stretch. You could pull on his arms and legs, make them super long, tie him to a chair with his arms or and wrap him in a ball. I liked the way you could play tug-of-war with him and a friend. Still confused? Think macho, flesh-colored Gumby... It was very odd, yet very entertaining at the same time.

I don't know why I remember this toy.  My brother was born that year, so I doubt he had one and we didn't have any cousins at that point. I'm guessing sons of my parents friends had Stretch Armstrong because I remember the distinct plastic rubbery scent and the way the rubber felt. Hmm. I think I even bit Stretch at one point to see what it felt like. I was simply mesmerized by Stretch Armstrong. I truly was.

Gross Stretch X-Ray action figure doll.

Then there was his enemy, Stretch Monster. Stretch Monster was a freakish looking green scaly creature released in 1978 while Stretch Ollie, a blue male octopus and Stretch Olivia, a pink octopus soon joined the Stretch crew. Stretch X-Ray was another ghastly creature which resembled a big-brained alien with a transparent body giving kids a sneak peek at his organs.  GROSS!

Anyway, the point of this post is that for some reason the thought of Taylor Lautner staring in a 3-D film about Stretch Armstrong, makes me giggle.  Anyone?

Please view the Stretch Monster vs. Stretch Armstrong commercial. You've gotta see it! It's from the 1970s and looks so low-budget. It's awesome! It's crazy because I remember that last line the kid yells out, "We'll meet again SHORTEEEEE" ... I remember it because it made me roll around the floor laughing. I was that kind of kid.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fun 1970s Slang

If you've been following along, you may remember my posts on 1980s slang and 1990s slang.  My buddy John suggested I do one for the 1970s. I'll soon cover slang from the 1950s and 1960s just to be fair.

Fun & Funky Slang Words From The '70s

Bad: You don't often hear the term "bad" meaning "good" or "too cool" much anymore. If you use it, cool! It's fun to recycle fun old slang. I take pride in it. 

The Boob Tube: I grew up hearing nuns use Boob Tube and always giggled thinking of, well, never mind. The phrase means television or TV as in a silly person watches the boob tube because back int eh 70s TVs had tubes in them. The Boob Tube was also the name of a 1975 movie.

Cat: A cat is just a fun way of referring to a dude, a person, a bro, etc. For example: "That cat better not be checking out my woman."

Cut The Cheese or Lay A Gasser: I'm sure you can figure out what these silly slang phrases mean. I take it tooting or farting in public was popular for a laugh in the 1970s. 

Dynamite!: The slang term Dynamite! was made popular by J.J. Evans (Jimmie Walker) on the 1970s sitcom Good Times and means "GREAT" or "Awesome!"

Fox or Foxy: This was used to describe a fine looking guy or girl. One might think 70s teen idol Andy Gibb is a fox!

"Gimme Some Skin" or "Gimme Five": Slapping people “five” was a very popular way to greet your friend back in the 60s and 70s. Giving someone some skin or giving them five basically meant to open slap the palm of their hand in a friendly manner.

Keep on truckin':  The encouraging phrase, "Keep on truckin'" is sometimes still heard now and again and means "hang in there", "stay on track" or "stay focused" ...  The phrase most likely comes from the 1973 song recorded by Eddie Kendricks and  a 60s comic Keep on Truckin'.

Spaz from Meatballs

Spaz: A spaz is clumsy, awkward and basically a hot mess.  I personally love this word and many of my friends call me Spaz, not just because of my last name, but well, because I am the perfect spaz. You may recall the nerdy character from the 1979 classic Bill Murray comedy Meatballs pictured above.

Threads: Just a fun way of saying clothes. For example, a young fox might say, “Hey, dig my new threads?”

What it is?: When someone asked "What it is?" they were simply asking "What's up?”

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Swanson Frozen TV Dinners

I know you're gonna give me hell for admitting this, but here goes. Growing up, I loved Swanson frozen TV dinners. The presentation alone was enticing to an 8-year-old me. The way each item fit into a perfectly-shaped compartment and included all of my faves was too good to be true.

Down-home American choices like Salisbury steak, fried chicken or turkey and gravy with stuffing paired with mashed potatoes and a pat of butter, a brownie and who could forget the mixed veggies or bright green peas. I remember the way the mashed potatoes would get that crusty topping from the oven and the dessert would sometimes blend in with the veggies giving them a sweetness ... I'm getting hungry just thinking about a Swanson dinner.

Before microwaves were popular, Mom actually had to pop the aluminum tray into the oven for about 45 minutes. Hubs once joked about how as a hungry child, he hated the long wait for his Swanson TV dinner. Our moms only let us have these dinners on special occasions. When I say special, I mean "Parent Teacher Nights" or nights when they had to work late and didn't have time to prepare food.

Quick Fun Facts About Swanson Frozen TV Dinners

  • Introduced in 1953
  • The first Swanson item ever made was a frozen chicken pot pie
  • Swanson sold 5,000 meals in the first year and over 10,000,000 TV dinners the next year!
  • In 1970, Swanson introduced a line of frozen breakfast items
  • In 1987, Swanson replaced the tinfoil or aluminum trays with microwavable plastic. The original style tray can be found in the Smithsonian Institute!

Check out this vintage Swanson Hungry Man Dinners commercial. I totally remember the song too, "Pull up a chair America, sit right there America, Swanson's cooking JUST for you!"

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hasbro Mickey Mouse Talking Phone

Ah, another kick-ass toy I didn't have back in the late 1970s ... I always wanted one of these Mickey Mouse Talking Phones.  I loved the TV commercial featuring two youngsters sprawled out on the floor chatting it up with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy.

Gotta love my fellow Long Islander who exclaims, "Mickey, come ovah for a potty!" I will never forget this commercial just because of this little girl who tawked like me when I was a kid. The Mickey Mouse Talking Phone by Romper Room Hasbro was first released in 1974.  I was always really into toy phones, hmm, I wonder why.

Does anyone remember this?