Sunday, August 29, 2010

1990s Slang | Words & Things We Said In The 90s

The other day, I was urging an old high school pal to attend a girls getaway weekend we're planning for the fall. In the process of my pleading with her to find proper babysitting for her three beautiful kids, I blurted out a word I haven't heard since 1989.

I honestly couldn't think of a better way to describe her than with the word "pissa" or "pisser" if you're not from Long Island or New England, I guess. I had to apologize for my lack of a more modern term. The word just fit. Funny because a 50-year-old friend of ours used the word "panic" the other day which made me giggle. I hadn't heard that word since 1989 either.

For some reason, my most popular blog posts are about old-school slang. So no better time like today to post some more of my favorites. These slang terms, phrases and words were big over a decade ago and before you can comment that you still use them, that's fine. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with recycling old slang. I say we should keep the old, new and continue to battle the new slang with our old-school, retro words! 


Dope 1990s Slang Terms

411 - Deriving from the universal phone number for information. What's the 411, yo!

Audi 5000 or Audi- Cooler way of announcing one's departure. Okay, ya'll I'm Audi! or See ya, I'm Audi 5000!

Don't have a cow! - I think this was also popular in the late 80s. It meant to relax or chill out. Relax, don't have a cow!

Fresh - Another way of saying awesome, great or cool. Those Air Jordans are fresh!

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Mint - Similar to the above term "fresh" meaning cool. That Vanilla Ice song is mint!

Panic - This means hysterically funny or wild in a good way. She's such a panic!

Pisser - See above. That chick Keri really is a pissa!

Step off! - Reminds me of "Get to steppin'" which is a hostile way of saying "Back off," "Get out of here" or "Leave!" I actually remember a tough girl had "Step Off" painted on the back of her denim jacket. Step off before I kick your ass!

"Take a chill pill!" - Relax or calm down. Mom, I'll be home by 10. Take a chill pill, will ya?

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  1. Isn't it weird how being with h/s friends can totally bring back all kinds of things that you didn't think of in like, 20 years??? LOL

  2. I remember 'Don't Cry' was big around my middle school…basically, sheesh, don't let it bother you, man.

  3. I thought I was stuck in the 80's but judging by my use of out-dated slang I think I'm stuck in the 90's!

  4. I remember hearing the "i'm audi," but never audi 5000.

  5. you forgot "talk to the hand" LOL

  6. What about "Did I do that?"


    "That's buttah" (as in, wow, rock on!)

    "Stupid ___________" as an adjective to describe anything meant that it was UBER whatever. If that makes sense.

  7. LOL! I hadn't heard of all of these...but then I grew up in California.

  8. I think I'm going to have to correct you. Sorry. Mint was coined in the late 80s – 1988 to be exact. :)

  9. I still use "take a chill pill". Aaack.

  10. Anytime I think of 90s slang, I always think of Clueless and Wayne's World...what a plethora of slang just in those two movies! LOL

  11. I still use the word chill, fresh, 411.

    I didnt know Audi was actually the correct term for outtie. LOL Reminded me of Clueless

  12. Copyboy - I just recall "mint" was big in high school and I graduated in 1990, so it's possible the word lingered into 1990.

  13. I just said Audi 5000 last night. How embarrassing. :)

  14. raising 5 children in the 80s and 90s our family created our own unique slang words. we can still crack each other up with them...."don't get a truuuuuuuck!" ;)

  15. Bart Simpson was the originator of Don't Have a Cow, I think.

    Forgot about Audi 5000. That car was way overrated though.

  16. OMG, it was Audi 5000?! I always thought it was Outty 5000. I'm such a loser

  17. That's funny - "Mint" was and is popular in the UK to the extent that I never knew it was used over in the States.

    Also, I'd assumed it was mint as in 'freshly minted coins' as in from the royal mint - implying that what's being described is both up to date and of high monetary value.

    We do say someone is 'minted', here, meaning they have plenty of cash - so i always assumed 'mint' came from that. But I can also see the 'minty fresh' connection.

    I wonder if it's a case of convergent slang evolution?

  18. Gah -I can't believe I haven't visited here in awhile! But,love the 90's slang lingo -Ahh-the memories - Although I don't think I used panic or pissah that much ;)

  19. Hilarious! :)

    Didn't "sweeeet" also originate in the 90's? South Park? I could be wrong, ha ha!

    I probably still use "have a cow", but then, I'm kinda old-school like that.

    I do still hear people use "mint" from time to time. :)

  20. I've heard most, but not all of them. That "step off" T-shirt is a classic...

    great post Ally...